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Not justified in declining liability

We summed up some case studies from the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance’s (OSTI) briefcase, which we thought would be interesting for our readers. In one of the cases it is clear that non-disclosure is still a very serious thing.

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Are South Africans choosing the safer bet

I have attended dozens of retirement funding presentations over the years. The focus is usually on saving enough capital to ‘buy’ a sustainable income in your golden years using the time-tested formula of contributing 15% (or more) of your gross annual salary to a pension fund or retirement annuity from the time you start working (aiming for at least 40 years of contributions) and always preserving your capital when changing jobs. But what happens when you reach your retirement age?

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Investigating a changing insurance market

The insurance market, according to Terence Williams, CEO of Aon South Africa, is in the midst of its most consistent shift in a number of years. “In certain countries, sectors and lines of business, buyers are experiencing rate increases, capacity shortages, and a more critical attitude from insurers towards risk selection,” said Williams.

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Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation
Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation

Once you have made the decision to grow your business by tapping into employee benefits, it is important that you get a solid understanding of the regulatory requirements applicable to this environment.

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What to look for in an employee benefits provider
What to look for in an employee benefits provider

Thinking about selling employee benefits in 2020? What should you look for in an employee benefits provider?

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Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio
Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio

One of the greatest advantages of business growth is expanding your business through employee benefits.

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