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A new dawn of personalisation is on the horizon

One of the new catch phrases in our industry is that insurers and brokers need to become hyper relative in the eyes of their clients. Hyper relative (or hyper relevance) is the practice of becoming closer to clients to monitor their risks and needs. Insurers and brokers can then communicate these needs to clients before the client draws attention to them.

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Fraud Waste and Abuse

It is no secret that the cost of quality healthcare in South Africa is very expensive and that medical schemes face an uphill battle every day when it comes to containing their costs. Part of this challenge is the fact that fraud, waste and abuse is rampant in the industry and the current fee-for-service model means that medical schemes continuously face the hamster wheel of making payments while trying to address these challenges.

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FSCA takes further steps

When the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) announced that it would be implementing regulatory reforms arising from the findings of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), there was a lot of concern expressed by insurers and advisers alike. Key aspects of RDR that need to be taken into consideration is that its aims include the delivery of suitable products and fair access to suitable advice for financial customers; and enabling customers to understand and compare the nature, value and cost of advice and other services intermediaries provide.

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