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On a coalition course? South Africa’s lament: Corruption & maladministration look set to outlast coronavirus

The proof that a constitutional democracy can fail its citizenry is all around us. South Africa circa 2020 is an unruly mess; overseen by a cohort of cabinet ministers who typically place narrow self-interests and party political agendas ahead of the people they serve (sic). For long-suffering voters, the central themes of corruption and rule-by-decree are stronger today, in the middle of arguably the worst socioeconomic crisis the world has experienced, than ever. Those blindly praising the kingpins in our inappropriately-named National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) should take a moment to reflect.

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Too early to tell how coronavirus impacts disability insurance

Global reinsurers are at the forefront of initiatives to better understand the impact of coronavirus on global morbidity and mortality rates. Their understanding of the disease, its transmission mechanisms, and the outlook for coronavirus therapies, treatments, and vaccines is growing with each passing month; but while the first wave offers clear insights into mortality outcomes, we may have to wait some time before the morbidity trends emerge. Dr Andreas Armuss, Chief Medical Officer of Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and Africa at Munich Re, updated a group of Munich Re clients on the latest findings during a webinar held 28 July 2020.

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What to do when your client faces a bad versus ‘less bad’ financial outcome

There are still thousands of South African investors and savers who are trapped in legacy retirement annuities (RAs), unable to switch to something more appropriate for the 21st Century due to the punitive exit penalties built into the product by life insurers. To make matters worse, most of these products have produced dismal net returns, spanning decades. Savers are damned if they take the exit penalty on the chin to set off on a product replacement journey, and equally damned if they stay in the RA to its term. We thought to muse on the topic of RA replacements after commenting on a LinkedIn post that drew dozens of insights from irate annuitants, financial advisers, and CFP®s.

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Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation
Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation

Once you have made the decision to grow your business by tapping into employee benefits, it is important that you get a solid understanding of the regulatory requirements applicable to this environment.

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What to look for in an employee benefits provider
What to look for in an employee benefits provider

Thinking about selling employee benefits in 2020? What should you look for in an employee benefits provider?

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Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio
Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio

One of the greatest advantages of business growth is expanding your business through employee benefits.

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Many legacy RAs allow an insurer to take up to 30% of the accumulated capital upon early exit. “This is just one of countless examples of shocking product design that is 100% engineered by insurers to extract punitive fees from clients...".


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