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Ombud report points to the industry’s strength

When an industry Ombudsman describes a specific period as unremarkable, it is a sign that progress is being made in the industry and that the objectives of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) are being adhered to. This was the case when the Office of the Long Term Ombudsman released its 2016/17 Annual Report on 15 May.

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Straight Talk
Can common ground be found between technology and the intermediated insurance model?

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has taken the world by storm. Machines are now capable of completing complex tasks that only humans could perform in the past. While this sounds great and exiting, it does have a number of implications when it comes to employment issues. This is very true for the financial services industry where brokers and advisers are waiting in anticipation to see what impact AI will have on the future of the industry.

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Fundamentally changing the way we engage with clients

Social media has fundamentally changed the way that humans consume information. In the beginning, Facebook was a way to keep in contact with friends, interact with those who you don’t see on a regular basis, and to share life events with family members who are spread across the world. Facebook has now grown into a mass media giant where many people turn to as a first source of information.

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Can true value be found in social media engagements with clients?


Yes, I have found that clients really want to connect with an adviser before they sit down with them, and social media provides a platform for this.
No, This industry has become what it is today because business was done in a certain way. Social Media engagement, if any, should be minimal.
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