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Kids: Your new clients, are you prepared?

Over the past two years, a lot of money – and time – has been spent on the study of Millennials and what makes them tick. It is clear that this generation is unlike any other. Many extraordinary social influencers, such as technology, have changed the way they interact with the world around them and how they ultimately relate to it.

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Straight Talk
FSB addresses concerns surrounding Regulatory Reform

As the months go by in 2017, we are coming closer to the full impact of the Financial Services Board’s (FSB) programme of Regulatory Reform being felt on the industry. This will culminate in the adoption of the Twin Peaks model of regulation which separates powers between the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, which is the entity that the FSB will transform into.

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Featured story
New trends can only benefit the industry

We are entering into an interesting phase in the future development of the financial services industry. Traditional ways of investing are being cast aside and the effectiveness of traditional retirement savings vehicles are being questioned. This has given rise to the unprecedented growth of umbrella funds in the industry. This has had a profound effect as individuals, and companies, are seeing the benefits of this. But do they really appreciate them?

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