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There is value in the intermediated model

Over the years, MythBusters has not only provided hours of entertainment, it also debunked some of the most common myths that the world has ever seen. The educational value of this cannot be understated. It improves our understanding and changes our perception towards what the myth was and what the reality is. Millennials have been described as the most financially empowered generation in existence. They know what they want and are very vocal about what they are looking for from a consumer’s perspective.

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Straight Talk
Is financial resilience the same as fair value?

The Oxford dictionary describes resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It implies an inherent toughness that most humans possess in abundance. In a world where clients are under financial pressure, what is their financial resilience? Are they planning adequately for their future? Does their financial horizon extend towards retirement? These were some of the questions that were asked at the 2019 Sanlam Benchmark Survey.

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Are you going to swim against the current?

Stepping into the office and expecting one day to be like the next is a luxury that many CEOs in South Africa are seeing fade off into the sunset; particularly when it comes to the financial services sector. Business unusual is a catchphrase that has become common within our industry and highlights the need for risk management. This is a topic that was discussed at an Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) Insights Seminar which focused on risk management.

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