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What’s inside…FAnews June 2020 Edition

This is a really good one… everyone jumped to be part of the June edition and, together with all our other content, our investment feature is packed with some excellent articles. If you are not part of the over 14 700 registered CPD users, you are missing out, because we make it easy for you. This edition is packed with high-level, well researched content and we are proud of an excellent final product.

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Straight Talk
Where principles of equity and fairness hold sway over policy wordings

The principles of equity and fairness applied by the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance (OSTI) when assessing complaints, introduce a degree of uncertainty insofar the performance of short-term insurance policy wordings. This newsletter will not delve into the ‘rule of law’ versus ‘equity and fairness’ debate; but rather focus on the short-term insurance broker’s responsibility to refer clients to the OSTI, especially when the reason given by the insurer for refusing to honour a claim seem unfair. We contend that any claim rejection based on a policy wording that, upon reading, leaves you with a sense of unease, is worth reviewing.

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Featured story
The impact of pandemic on life insureds

It will take years for life insurers and reinsurers to get to grips with the behavioural changes introduced during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Neil Parkin, chief pricing actuary at RGA South Africa used a phrase attributed to a Prussian writer to introduce his aptly-titled ‘COVID-nomics’ webinar, hosted 12 June 2020. The “fog of war” explains a dynamic in which we do not understand the extent of the threat posed by our enemies nor our capacity to combat that threat, he explained. We can create our current reality by substituting ‘pandemic’ for ‘war’ and ‘coronavirus’ for ‘enemy’.

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Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation
Getting on top of Employee Benefits legislation

Once you have made the decision to grow your business by tapping into employee benefits, it is important that you get a solid understanding of the regulatory requirements applicable to this environment.

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What to look for in an employee benefits provider
What to look for in an employee benefits provider

Thinking about selling employee benefits in 2020? What should you look for in an employee benefits provider?

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Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio
Employee benefits – an untapped opportunity to grow your business portfolio

One of the greatest advantages of business growth is expanding your business through employee benefits.

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Brokers are frequently credited with ‘going to war’ for their clients at claims stage. Brokers will push the insurer to get an equitable and fair outcome. Is this still the case today, or do you find that insurers are pushing back too?


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