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Creating a world of winners and losers

Disruptive technologies, disruptive business models and disruptive communication is significantly affecting the way we live and the way that we interact with our world. But do we really know what disruption is? Like transformation, unless we define it by using established guidelines, disruption can mean anything to anyone.

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Straight Talk
Challenges approaching from every side

What are South Africa’s major problems when it comes to retirement? If we focus purely on the institutional side of the retirement journey, taking out human elements such as lack of preservation or insufficient contribution rates, a strong case can be made for the argument that there as many institutional challenges as there are human element challenges.

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Small steps being made in the right direction

July is savings month. Adopting this label was government’s attempt to highlight the importance of savings and to try and create a savings culture in a country that is not famous for it. The reality is that it is a hard knock life for people who want to save, the economy is experiencing turbulent times and political actions/decisions are placing South Africa in mortal danger of yet another credit downgrade at the end of the year.

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Technology has made a major impact on the industry. Disruption apart, can technology provide an answer to the cost containment conundrum that the industry faces?


Yes. Technology is a proven way to drive down costs.
No. Technology is still driven by humans, if a human cannot drive down costs, how can a machine?
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