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Addressing consumer trust in financial services and elsewhere

The phrase treating customers fairly, or TCF for short, is so ingrained in South Africa’s financial services landscape that you would expect nothing but static on the radio shows dedicated to consumer rights. Likewise, you would hope the annual financial ombud scheme reports contained little more than operational updates. Unfortunately, the consumer-focused programmes and ombud case studies are still chockful of negative feedback, documenting a litany of unpleasantries foisted by the financial services industry on Jane and Joe average.

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Range of living annuity outcomes supports hands-on financial advice through retirement

Back in his mid-20s, your writer ran into some financial difficulties, forcing him to liquidate a small portfolio of unit trusts to make ends meet. Almost three decades later, the regret he feels does not centre on the forced sale of these investments but rather on failing to reinstate a disciplined monthly savings regime. This experience sparked all manner of poor money-related decision making over the ensuing years.

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Secondary perils: a new challenge for the insurance industry

Recent floods and disruptive snowfall in South Africa have highlighted the growing threat of secondary perils - smaller but frequent events like hailstorms and wildfires that cause significant cumulative damage. In an opinion piece on the developing scope of secondary perils, Rethabile Shabalala, a Senior Associate at Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa, discusses this pressing issue.

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Navigating the Two-Pot System
Navigating the Two-Pot System

The impending implementation of South Africa's Two-Pot System for retirement funds in September 2024 will significantly impact financial advisers and their practices. This new system presents both challenges and opportunities for advisers.

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The FAnews forex trading knowledge and perception survey
The FAnews forex trading knowledge and perception survey

FAnews invites you to participate in our forex trading knowledge and perception survey. Your insights will help us understand how individuals perceive and engage with forex trading providers, from the experienced to the novice.

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