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As an industry, one of the most important topics of concern revolves around the climate change crisis and its implications, particularly the looming risk of certain regions becoming uninsurable. Climate change is affecting the insurance industry. As the climate continues to shift, insurers face increased financial risks from claims payouts. It is becoming evident that certain risks stemming from climate change are surpassing the capabilities of insurers. The question is, how can we, as an industry, address this challenge? How do we navigate discussions with our clients on this issue? What role do we play in tackling climate change and how can we enhance resilience throughout organisations’ value chains?

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The elevator pitch: How to read the room and other avoidable faux pas

There are many ways to deliver a perfect, persuasive elevator pitch and just as many to mess it up. Get the pitch right, and the sky is the limit; botch it, and your aspirations, dreams and hopes plummet down the elevator shaft at 9.8 metres per second or so.

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AI in the wings as large managers go Level 1 on BEE

A survey of South Africa’s large asset managers confirms the industry’s significant progress in meeting its broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE) objectives, with 19 of the 20 largest managers measured by assets under management (AUM) now boasting Level 1 contributor status. On 30 June 2023, 51 asset managers had achieved Level 1 status compared to 49 in the prior year.

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Medical scheme versus health insurance cover
Medical scheme versus health insurance cover

Medical scheme versus health insurance cover… are your clients asking questions? Do your clients really know the difference? We invite you to participate in our survey as we delve into the key questions around medical insurance versus medical schemes an

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The shocking crime and motor vehicle accident statistics shared during a recent SHA presentation suggests that group personal accident and personal accident cover are a no-brainer. Do you agree?


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