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Different people have different mindsets when it comes to diversifying their investments. The beauty of this is that no single approach is correct or favoured ahead of the other. In the current South African political and economic climate, those who can afford to diversify their assets – particularly establishing an international investment portfolio – are paying serious attention to this. However, each approach to investment diversification comes with rules, regulations and due process that needs to be followed.

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On the cusp of something great

When anyone is asked about their opinion on the South African economy, the overall consensus will be that the economic outlook is very weak and that there are very few visible redeeming qualities at the moment which will drive the economy forward. While many of these thoughts are completely vindicated, there are a few economists who feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Their view is that there are actually quite a few economic levers that we can take advantage of, if there is a political will to do so.

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Is this the change the industry needs?

Disruption is a major talking point in the financial services industry at the moment. Insurers are trying to figure out what their response to this challenge will be while intermediaries sit and asses what disruption means for their business. FAnews spoke with Lizelle van der Merwe, CEO of the Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA), as well as Arnold van der Linde, CEO of IntegriSure, to find out their opinions on this topic.

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