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For brokers and advisers, the landscape is rife with both challenges and opportunities. Regulatory changes and technological advancements are reshaping the playing field, demanding adaptability, and foresight. While digital platforms and fintech innovations offer tools for efficiency and outreach, they also bring forth a wave of competition that threatens to redefine traditional roles and relationships. Interestingly, amidst the buzz of technological developments, it's notable how many people in the industry still grapple with the basics in running their practices - a reminder that amid all the talk about AI and tech advancements, mastering the fundamentals remains paramount.

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Straight Talk
AI aces human creativity; advice professionals next in line?

The ever-declining number of holdouts who swear they will never let an artificial intelligence (AI) replace them are slowly losing the battle. The uncomfortable truth, dear reader, is that AI is taking over our day-to-day tasks by stealth: yesterday you asked to check your language use and punctuation; today you ask Chat GPT to write the entire article or to generate an image; and tomorrow, well who knows?

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Promising signs of softer insurance | reinsurance markets

The hard market conditions that have dominated insurance and reinsurance premium negotiations over the past three- to five-years is showing signs of easing as we enter 2024, suggesting better times for local insurance brokers and risk managers as they seek to transfer risk.

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Medical scheme versus health insurance cover
Medical scheme versus health insurance cover

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