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A tough agenda

As part of its desire to achieve Radical Economic Transformation, government has set out a tough agenda for businesses to focus their efforts on.The financial services industry has not been immune to this hard line. National Treasury and the Financial Services Board (FSB) has made their intentions regarding this clear and have asked every insurer to do their part in achieving this goal.

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Straight Talk
Annual report highlights broker costs up

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) released its Annual Report for 2016-2017 providing a comprehensive report on the status of the private medical schemes industry in South Africa. We thought it would be useful to provide a quick summary in a nutshell of these points to give you a better understanding of the medical schemes industry and what has been going on.

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The future role of the FSCA in a key industry

Over the past two years, government and National Treasury have been on a proverbial mission to drive economic transformation within the country. It seems as if the years of talking about it is finally being put into action. Part of this agenda is the transformation of the financial services industry. We are already familiar with the wave of regulatory reform that is being carried out in the industry, and we are aware of the Financial Services Board’s (FSBs) changing agenda once the Twin Peaks Bill is passed.

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