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SARS taken to task by the Tax Ombud

With the establishment of the Tax Ombud in 2013, South Africa took another big step in enhancing the reputation of the country’s progressive democracy. Since then, the Ombud, headed up by former Chief Justice Judge Bernard Ngoepe, has given the public a progressive platform where complaints and queries relating to tax issues can be raised in a fair and equitable manner.

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Straight Talk
Cyber breaches are real

We often hear horror stories about cyber crime and the potential effects that a cyber crime can have on a company. We hear the stories, but see few examples. This doesn’t mean that cyber crime does not occur. There are many instances where cyber crime is committed, and not reported on by the media. This is a problem, we need to hear these stories.

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How much is non-disclosure costing the industry

One of the biggest problems that the life insurance industry faces is non-disclosure. This problem does not only affect profitability, but there is a knock-on effect in increased policy lapses as insurers implement measures to deal with the problem.

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After the Equifax saga and South Africa’s own cyber breach, should individuals be purchasing insurance against cyber attacks?


No, companies know their responsibilities when it comes to cyber attacks and are doing their best to handle the situation
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