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Passive investment megatrend blurs market price discovery

Last night I spent a few hours debating crypto assets with family and friends. The central theme of the debate was how one went about determining a sensible valuation for a digital token, let us say Bitcoin, given that it is little more than a string of 0s and 1s that changes hands in the cloud. Our conclusion was that there is no rational way to value an asset that has surged 696% over the past 12 months from an already ridiculous US$6624 per coin.

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Brokers be warned… Group risk premiums set for take-off

The latest statistics from the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) show a clear surge in South Africa’s mortality experience through COVID-19. Analysts are now suggesting that actual deaths due to the disease are some 2.5 to 3 times higher than government’s official numbers. “Our death experience very closely tracked the national statistics and the national pattern reported to date,” says Reinier Van Gijsen, Head of Pricing at Sanlam Corporate. He was presenting on the impact of COVID-19 on group insurance at an In conversation with Sanlam Corporate event.

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The onus of proving a claim under lockdown

We summed up some case studies from the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance’s (OSTI) briefcase, which we thought would be interesting for our readers.

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Medical scheme cover… just what are clients looking for?
Medical scheme cover… just what are clients looking for?

The medical scheme environment is under pressure. Aside from downgrading, customers are complaining about their medical scheme cover, what is covered, what is not, the fees and out of pocket costs.

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Covid-19 may accelerate certain industry trends. What are we likely to see?


Adoption of contactless technologies and digital experiences will likely be accelerating emerging technologies further
The consumer will expect safety and precautionary measures, driving the need for enhanced surveillance policies and technologies, which may pose potential privacy concerns
Rising activism among consumers and employees could drive an increased focus on corporate purpose
Value chain disruption is likely to lead to an increase in creative partnerships, which may in turn cause organisations to further invest in developing the mindset and agility to collaborate across sectors in the ecosystem
Cost management will be a critical priority to ensure business continuity based on cash flow requirements, to manage lower margins and revenues during a downturn
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