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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine November 2023

We kick off the November edition with an insightful piece by Gareth Stokes, FAnews Journalist, where he delves into the intricate and often inconsistent exclusions that may render PI cover unaffordable for brokers. It's a compelling read that many of you will undoubtedly find relatable. As we draw the curtain on 2023, with this final edition, we hope you've found a wealth of meaningful and robust content within FAnews this year that has kept you engaged. Always remember that you, our readers, are the driving force behind our existence, and we deeply appreciate the invaluable feedback you provide. A friendly reminder that you can accrue your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours on our website with the content listed below. Our mission is to keep you informed, intrigued, and equipped with all the answers you seek. Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions for specific topics – we relish the interaction. In this edition, we also focus on medical schemes and the healthcare industry. There's a plethora of pressing issues at hand.

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Straight Talk
Yes, inclusion will fix our woes; provided we define it correctly

The trouble with many political- and social-leaning inclusivity programmes is that they introduce exclusionary focuses to achieve their objectives. So, instead of defining ‘inclusion’ as the ‘the practise or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for [all] people’, as the Oxford Languages definition begins, they append ‘who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised’ for a long, long list of reasons.

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Featured story
Clickbait headline triggers an unfair swipe at medical schemes

You need only spend a few moments interacting with your medical scheme to appreciate why private healthcare costs tend to inflate well ahead of South Africa’s official consumer price index (CPI) inflation. This writer’s outcry over a recent 10-page-long hospital invoice was, for example, shot down by his scheme’s call centre personnel as “well within tolerance”. And more recently, a pre-op authorisation revealed how doctors and specialists view the current system, with a ‘2x or 3x?’ accidently scrawled across the page.

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Medical scheme versus health insurance cover

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Brokers at risk: Complex, inconsistent exclusions could make PI unaffordable
It’s about the Total Experience (TX)
Ombud cases from which we can learn something
We need to rethink group benefits
Medical schemes’ average increases for 2024
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