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Business confidence is inextricably linked to economic growth. If there is no confidence in the country (from the business community or from foreign investors), there is little chance that the economy will grow. South Africa currently faces a complex conundrum. Government has indicated that it needs to grow the economy and has set revised targets that are far below those stipulated in the National Development Plan; yet, business confidence within South Africa is extremely low and government is failing to create the jobs needed to drive the economy forward.

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Straight Talk
Shocking statistics reveal things are getting worse

The cost of crime in South Africa is very difficult to determine, however, there is no doubt the losses are in excess of hundreds of billions of Rands. Bryte Insurance released its Q4 2017 Crime Tracker; an indicator of long term crime trends in South Africa as captured by insurance claims for the period October to December 2017. The Q4 2017 Bryte Crime Tracker measures the annual change, on a quarterly basis, in crime-related claims (due to hijacking, robbery, theft and malicious damage) committed against South African businesses.

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Winners are those who can adapt to change

The penetration of insurance on the African continent has been a problem for many years. Yet Africa has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the potential for the growth of insurance on the continent is massive. This was the topic of discussion on the first day of the African Insurance Exchange which was held at Sun City.

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