Tracker secures Imperial Car Rental fleet business

14 February 2017Michael van Wyngaardt, Tracker

Tracker is pleased to announce that it has secured the contract to manage the Imperial car rental fleet business.

As Imperial’s sole fleet management partner, this exciting new journey will see Tracker work hand in hand with their fleet management department to achieve new fleet management efficiencies and create new value for Imperial and its customers.

“It is an incredible privilege for Tracker to have been chosen by Imperial car rental as their fleet solutions partner” says Michael van Wyngaardt, Head of Business Solutions at Tracker. “From the onset and during the subsequent adjudication process, it became evident that we are dealing with a business partner that is not only astute, focused on customer value and goal driven but also innovative in its thinking. It is incredibly refreshing to witness the new thinking which their management is applying and the opportunities and outcomes which will come about as a result of this. We are delighted to be part of this journey and as much as we bring a huge amount of experience and expertise to the table, we also look forward to what we will learn and gain from Imperial.”

”Tracker’s customer centric approach and culture of continuous innovation positions us to compete in the corporate environment. We are proud to welcome the Imperial car rental division to the growing list of large corporate businesses who are turning to us for fleet management related solutions,” concludes Van Wyngaardt.

Wynand Pretorius, Executive: Special Projects at Imperial Car Rental said, "The inclusion of telematics technology across our fleet will address a number of business objectives. The primary focus of the project is the safety and security of our customers and we will now be able to dispatch emergency services under predetermined conditions without the customer needing to initiate contact. Our secondary objective is to realise internal benefits such as improved operational efficiencies, better theft recovery ratios and geospatial analysis for enhanced fleet management. The roll-out of telemetry devices should ultimately improve our quality and service delivery to the market.”

Pretorius ended off by saying, “We are pleased to partner with Tracker on the adoption of telemetry technology in our vehicles. Their professional approach, their ability to customise the offering to our needs and their market leading technology paired with an existing track record made Tracker our natural choice as partner. We look forward to working with the Tracker team.”

The insurance industry has been one of the first to recognise the value of telematics technology and the significance of the intelligence presented by the data. Tracker has been instrumental in developing value for and supporting the insurance industry in this respect and top of the agenda is the science behind behavioral intelligence for both individuals and entities. Tracker recognises that the provision of enhanced and added value for customers is crucial to remaining relevant in a society where the demand for connectedness is increasing on a daily basis. Behaviour can be associated with risk and reward which is a highly topical subject in the telematics environment and it is pleasing to see Imperial car rental taking the lead in their specific industry.

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