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01 January 2018

January 2018

Collective voices are heard the most - 15 January 2018
The Insurance Apprentice takes four - 16 January 2018
Business development is a key driver- 17 January 2018
The fight against cybercrime - 18 January 2018
Optimism fuels the SA delegation to Davos - 22 January 2018
Significant changes to RE Exam - 24 January 2018
Further investigation into the cap of PDAs - 25 January 2018
The current of optimism can become a wave - 29 January 2018
The caveat of South African growth - The Stage - 31 January 2018

February 2018

FSB puts its foot down - Featured Article - 1 February 2018
Unclear facts keeps insurer in check - Straight Talk - 5 February 2018
Industry's take on 'Day Zero' - 6 February 2018
Risk management needs to become a top priority - 7 February 2018
The Bulls are celebrating - 8 February 2018
The illusive cyber statistics -12 February 2018
Results are key - 14 February 2018
We need to grow, our time has come - 15 February 2018
We live in interesting times - 19 February 2018
The focus is shifting towards fewer products - The Stage - 20 February 2018




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There may be a shock on the cards on 21 Feb when the Finance Minister announces that there will be a 2% VAT increase. What effects will this have?


It will generate the much needed tax revenue that government needs to address its widening budget deficit. It’s a good choice.
It will weaken the ANC. They rely on the poor vote and the poor will be most affected by the VAT increase. The ANC must tread carefully here.
There will be little change. It is just more money for government fat cats to pocket.
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Viceroy in the purview of the FSB
The fundamental right to work
AI for dummies
‘Day Zero’ the day taps are anticipated to run dry
Pre-existing conditions: insuring the uninsurable
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