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16 April 2021 Rianet Whitehead

Critical Illness, Income Protection and Capital Disability Magazine

FAnews has tackled a facet of the industry that remains rife with complexities. Our aim was to clarify a few uncertainties in the Critical Illness, Income Protection and Capital/Lump Sum Disability space. We believe the questions and answers will lead to a greater debate, relevant discussions and ultimately improve financial advisers’ and planners’ understanding of Income Protection, Critical Illness and Disability products. The reality is that clients have questions, and sometimes the answers are not clear. With this supplement our aim is to see if we can clarify some of the grey areas.

This publication is also gives you 2 CPD hours - click here to view / download the publication



The first-ever FAnews Funeral Insurance Digital Magazine, publishing in April 2021, is aimed at raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing agents, brokers, intermediaries, key individuals and representatives in the industry.

It also addresses an industry need for a comprehensive learning resource for all funeral insurance stakeholders.   



We asked the questions for you FAnews has published a Broker, UMA and insurer administration systems DIGIMAG in October 2019 which has a special focus on Broker, UMA and insurer administration systems.

In this DIGIMAG, you as a broker, UMA or insurer can gauge a better understanding of some of the administration systems available in the market.

Here are some of the questions we have got answered for you:

• An overview of all the modules that a system offers to the target market.

• How much independence and control does your client have over the system?

• What portal functions does your system support?

• What self-service functionalities does your system allow?

• Which type of data extract tools are available?

• What continuous support and self-service tools does your client have access to?

• Can your system be integrated with third-party providers and their software?

• How do you keep up with compliance requirements? 

Click on the image below to view the Digimag. 


Click here to download the Digimag.

2019 DIGIMAG Software systems for the financial advisor published in July 2019

Published in July 2019.

 Click on the image above to view online or click here to download a PDF version.


2014 Digimag - Financial Planning Software published in July 2014

A quick guide to financial planning software

Click here to download the pdf file (7MB)



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