When you can’t speak : Top tips for ensuring emergency teams can access your information

17 July 2018Nthabiseng Moloi, MiWay
Nthabiseng Moloi, Head of Marketing & Brand at MiWay.

Nthabiseng Moloi, Head of Marketing & Brand at MiWay.

It is everybody’s worst nightmare: a car accident that leaves you unconscious, or you faint on the street, and the emergency response teams have no way of knowing important medical information about you – or even who to notify. In situations like these, you want to make it easy for those who respond to the emergency to get the information they need, and avoid wasting valuable time.

There are several ways to ensure this vital information is readily accessible in an emergency.

Perhaps one of these, or a combination of them, will be right for you:

• Increasing numbers of people are choosing a car-tracking device. This device is primarily used to record the driving habits and it is also used to detect when an accident takes place. For example, MiWay’s Emergency Alert would detect that an accident has occurred, alert emergency response teams and handle contact with next of kin.
• Keep important information on your person, in a handbag or wallet. Items to include would be your ID, medical aid card and any important medical information (allergies, chronic conditions and medication, and so on).
• Get yourself a medical alert wrist bracelet or necklace with important medical information and contact details to a call centre that has records of next of kin.
• Store numbers on your cell phone with “In case of emergency” added, so that those responding to your plight know who to call. However, if your screen locks automatically, this is not so useful. Investigate whether you could save some emergency numbers as part of your screensaver.
• Get a tag engraved with your name, medical info and contact numbers to attach to your keyring.
• Get relevant medical stickers and place them on your car where they will be visible in an emergency – but not to obscure the driver’s vision.
• Investigate emergency apps for your mobile device that will direct paramedics to those who will have your details.

Whatever method or combination of methods you choose, you won’t regret helping to ensure that your guardian angel has the information needed to get you the help you need – and contact your loved ones.

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