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The FPI has made the industry news headlines for the wrong reasons. Do you believe this will have any effect on the credibility of the DFP designation?

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The FIA Award Winners were announced. There were some surprises, especially in the short term categories. So tell us why the smaller guy took two awards away from the big insurers?

Ran from 29 Jun 2018 to 17 Jul 2018

Liberty recently shared the news that its IT systems were targeted by hackers who had taken the company’s data and demanded payment:

Ran from 21 Jun 2018 to 28 Jun 2018

Fraudsters are developing relationships with people who work within insurers. These people become sources of inside information into the insurers business. Is enough being done to identify this as a legitimate threat?

Ran from 12 Jun 2018 to 20 Jun 2018

Will artificial intelligence be the death of the intermediary and many other professionals?

Ran from 29 May 2018 to 11 Jun 2018

Can true value be found in social media engagements with clients?

Ran from 16 May 2018 to 28 May 2018

A few years ago, clients had to prove themselves to insurers. Things have changed. Do you believe the onus of proof lies with the insurer today?

Ran from 26 Apr 2018 to 15 May 2018

Are we heading for an over regulated industry?

Ran from 17 Apr 2018 to 25 Apr 2018

Research by SHA shows that up to 52% of companies do not have any form of directors and officers (D&O) insurance in place. Is this an important product to sell to your clients?

Ran from 05 Apr 2018 to 16 Apr 2018

Government has raised the VAT rate. How will this impact short term insurance policies?

Ran from 14 Mar 2018 to 04 Apr 2018

Following the Enterprise reaction to the discovery of the source of the Listeriosis outbreak, can faith ever be placed in Enterprise again?

Ran from 07 Mar 2018 to 13 Mar 2018
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