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What has your experience of getting your CDP hours during this cycle been?

It was fairly easy. Platforms such as the FAnews helps the industry to comply with this necessary requirement. We need to professionalise the industry (72.22%)
It has been tough. Not sure why this was really neccessary... (3.17%)
I am still battling to get all my hours... not sure where to find time to do it (24.6%)
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87% of respondents to a recent industry survey believe that shifting value-added services to the core of their business proposition would give insurers a much better chance of establishing platforms that would draw clients to their company. Do you agree?

Ran from 07 May 2019 to 15 May 2019

With regards to the COFI Bill, do you believe lumping the health and finance sector in the same basket will sustain the financial sector?

Ran from 03 Apr 2019 to 30 Apr 2019

74% of respondents to a recent industry survey believe that differentiation in the insurance market will become more focused on risk management and prevention services than on the price of compensation-based insurance. Do you agree?

Ran from 28 Mar 2019 to 02 Apr 2019

Speaking of change, on the innovative side, do you believe:

Ran from 20 Mar 2019 to 28 Mar 2019

Do you feel that the South African financial services industry is ready to use technology based advice models alongside adviser driven advice?

Ran from 14 Mar 2019 to 19 Mar 2019

How can risk managers prepare for 2020 and beyond?

Ran from 28 Feb 2019 to 13 Mar 2019

With the allegations against CMS’s investigations head, Stephen Mmatli, do you believe this will taint the CMS’s role?

Ran from 20 Feb 2019 to 27 Feb 2019

Which contestant of The Insurance Apprentice 2019 do you believe has the reinstatement card?

Ran from 15 Feb 2019 to 19 Feb 2019

Can prescribed assets help SOEs recover from the dire situation that they find themselves in?

Ran from 06 Feb 2019 to 14 Feb 2019

A new year brings new opportunities. Do you feel that 2019 will be a good year for the industry?

Ran from 22 Jan 2019 to 14 Feb 2019
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