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How confident are you that insurers treat policyholders fairly, according to the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles?

Very confident, insurers prioritise fair treatment (38.71%)
Somewhat confident, but improvements are needed (35.48%)
Not confident, there are significant issues with fair treatment (25.81%)
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As Conduct and Prudential standards arrive thick and fast, what are your thoughts about regulation that requires product providers to have greater oversight over their advisers and brokers?

Ran from 08 Jul 2024 to 09 Jul 2024

How do you intend responding to the Financial Sector Transformation Commission (FSTC) 28 June ultimatum for the submission of B-BBEE Reports?

Ran from 26 Jun 2024 to 07 Jul 2024

Which aspect do you think is most critical for the future success of financial advisory firms?

Ran from 19 Jun 2024 to 25 Jun 2024

Have you seen insurers implementing rate adjustments / risk management around climate change?

Ran from 13 Jun 2024 to 18 Jun 2024

What do you consider the most significant challenge in implementing the Two-Pot Retirement System?

Ran from 20 May 2024 to 12 Jun 2024

Which aspect of divorce and retirement fund savings do you find most challenging?

Ran from 14 May 2024 to 19 May 2024

SA medical schemes expect members, or members’ gap insurance providers, to pay an ever-bigger share of the costs of in-hospital procedures and specialist fees. Is this fair treatment?

Ran from 29 Apr 2024 to 14 May 2024

Considering the current economic and geopolitical landscape in South Africa, what is your outlook on investment opportunities in the country?

Ran from 24 Apr 2024 to 29 Apr 2024

The shocking crime and motor vehicle accident statistics shared during a recent SHA presentation suggests that group personal accident and personal accident cover are a no-brainer. Do you agree?

Ran from 10 Apr 2024 to 24 Apr 2024

Does it matter how many ombudsman schemes South Africa has?

Ran from 28 Mar 2024 to 09 Apr 2024
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