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Monthly South African ETF, ETN and Unit Trust Index Tracking Performance Survey

07 July 2020 Mike Brown, Managing Director at

The total Performance Survey for the period ended 30 June 2020, is attached.

Ten Years
ETFs tracking global equity markets, issued by Sygnia Itrix, are the top performers in this category, with the MSCI USA ETF comfortably the best, providing a 22,65% return per annum over the past 10 years. The Satrix Capped INDI ETF, which tracks large cap SA industrial shares, is the one South African equity ETF that stands out, providing a return of 15,08% per year over the 10 year period.

One to Five Years
The Performance Survey is dominated by commodity ETFs and ETNs, with palladium and rhodium ETFs providing market leading investment returns over this period. Gold tracking ETFs have lagged a little, but still outperform most equity ETFs over these periods.

The two outstanding equity index tracking ETFs over the one year period are global high tech industry trackers, namely, Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF and 1nvest S&P 500 Information Technology ETF.

Six Months
Although Rhodium and Gold ETFs remain at the top of the performance tables, the Satrix Nasdaq and 1nvest S&P IT ETFs have continued to provide strong rewards for astute investors, who have realised the key role in the global lockdown period, performed by such new generation companies.

Three Months
A first for the Performance Survey is the outstanding investment returns delivered by an Actively Managed ETN, issued under the Union Bank of Switzerland programme and managed by Anbro Capital Investments. This Unicorn growth portfolio invests in global equities that look for entrepreneurial (disruptor) companies.

Many South African equity tracking ETFs and Unit Trusts do well in the performance stakes for this 3-month period, suggesting that it might be time to relook at the local equity markets.

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