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Websure updates set to advance Brolink beyond the cutting edge

26 July 2017 Howard John, Brolink
Howard John, CEO of Brolink.

Howard John, CEO of Brolink.

Brolink has always been at the cutting edge of technology in insurance. When Websure was launched more than fifteen years ago it was one of the first local insurance systems to provide a web-based user interface for all of its functionality. Brolink was also one of the first South African companies to use credit scores for insurance premium rating. Ten years ago Brolink became the first company in South Africa to provide full comparative/ multi-quote functionality integrated into a policy management system such that policies can be made live without recapturing from a stand-alone third-party quoting system.

And now Brolink has announced updates to its Websure system that will help to deliver the highest standards of administration to brokers and insurers alike in a rapidly advancing tech environment.

“For many years Brolink has led the outsourced platform administration environment,” says the company’s CEO Howard John. “Our success has been underpinned by our robust Websure system, experienced staff and streamlined processes, together with a proven track record in service delivery.”

John says the Websure updates comprise a .NET enhancement and changes to the user interface, which will provide a host of benefits, including:

• Improved performance (thanks to two-tier architecture and multi-threading)
• Extended scalability
• Easier integration (notably with Windows-based third-party software)
• Reduced downtime
• Multiple browser support (through the use of HTML5 and CSS3)
• Improved information security
• Mobile device compatibility
• Quicker response times
• Improved productivity
    o Self-service option
    o Quick quotes
    o API platforms for improved system integration
    o Digital and automation capabilities
• Google Maps integration to quote
• Data enrichment (through automated uploads of data fields with quotes)

“These improvements will allow Brolink to provide the link for brokers to insurers and clients in the digital age,” says John. “We are confident that the Websure system will be optimally positioned to support the needs of brokers way into the future.”

The upgrades will be phased in during the third and fourth quarters of 2017.

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