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Glacier by Sanlam launches application for mobile devices

12 November 2012 Glacier by Sanlam

Glacier recently launched its mobile app, giving users access to a wealth of information. The app is available in both the Android and Apple stores (obtained by searching for “Glacier by Sanlam”).

Glacier’s app features product brochures, the latest Glacier publications, as well as links to financial news and information websites.

Users have the option of saving a publication or brochure on the app by simply adding the applicable document to their favourites. This will provide easy access to the document without connecting to the internet. The app also keeps track of a user’s most recently accessed information, ensuring fast retrieval.

Financial intermediaries can make use of the secure services login facility, using their web login username and password. In addition to having a detailed view of their clients’ portfolios, they have access to the latest fact sheets of all funds available on the Glacier platform.

The Glacier app is available in Google Play for Android devices and was also recently launched in the Apple Store as an application for the iPhone. Although it can be downloaded on an iPad as well, the view will be the same as for an iPhone. The full iPad version will be available shortly.

The links for the app on Google Play and the Apple Store are as follows:


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