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Customised host access for Momentum

31 July 2006 Cordev Marketing

Customised host access for Momentums Sales Division centralises and streamlines new business information

Leading financial services provider Momentum has selected NetManage RUMBA to create customised host access for its sales division. With NetManage RUMBA, Momentum sales administrators will now be able to capture new business leads and report status updates in a centralised application on the IBM iSeries mainframe, drastically reducing administrative time and effort and streamlining critical corporate information.

Momentum required a solution that allowed fast, efficient and controlled access to back-end systems, specifically, Microsoft Active Directory. After a thorough evaluation, Momentum deployed the NetManage solution to create a central portal where all business-related content and links can be shared and secured by various levels of access for different classifications of system users. NetManage RUMBA complements the enterprise capabilities and scalability of the system, while still providing the most comprehensive, customisable integration solution at a cost-effective price point.

"Our sales team needed distributed access to the mainframe to view and update the real-time status of new business cases in a customised, easy-to-use portal, said Deon van Wyngaard, senior systems administrator, Momentum Sales Division. "With NetManage, the sales administrators can now update the system with minimal effort and involvement, whereas in the past, nearly all of their time was dedicated to these functions. NetManage also offers us a platform for future legacy integration without having to procure and deploy additional software."

NetManage RUMBA provides secure access to host information from any desktop or server-managed client, with a choice of host access products: a full-featured thick client, a small-footprint, feature-rich, thin client and a HTML-based zero-footprint client solution.

The software safeguards data using SSL 3.0 (Secure Sockets Layer) support for data authentication and encryption. Powerful and easy-to-use features increase productivity, reduce the need for support and training and simplify enterprise migrations to browser-based and server-based computing. By consolidating access to all host systems under one vendor, Momentum was able to capitalise on greater efficiencies and cost-savings that result from a streamlined IT infrastructure.

"Like many of our customers, Momentum had an internal requirement for distributed access to the corporate line of business systems," said Cheli Karpel-Dudai, vice president of operations EMEA at NetManage. "NetManage was chosen for its seamless deployment and complete integration with multiple systems."

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