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Claredon Transport Underwriters (CTU) Book Move and Migration onto SKi

01 March 2013 Genasys
Genasys Technologies

Genasys Technologies

Claredon Transport Underwriters (CTU)

Claredon Transport Underwriters (CTU)

In the last quarter of 2012 CTU commissioned Genasys to move their entire book onto the SKi Platform. Genasys had only two weeks to do the migration before the first monthly debit run took place. Developing the scripts needed to do the migration took Gena

When working on a project such as this with such short time frames you are bound to run into a few challenges. “With the short deadline given to us, there wasn’t a lot of time for training and testing and issues had to be sorted as they appeared. The main thing to mention is that it is amazing what can be achieved if the client and Genasys work together, and that management from the client side are able to make decisions quickly. Without that, this would not have been possible”, says Ronald Jackson Implementation Manager at Genasys Technologies.

Louis Fivas the Managing Director of CTU had the following to say about the Migration:

1. Tell us about CTU?

CTU was established in February 1991 specifically to cater for the insurance needs of the Taxi and Bus Industry; we were pioneers in the market and were the first Taxi Underwriters. We underwrite Taxi’s and Busses and also offer added covers such as; Passenger Liability and Personal Accident Covers.

2. How did you feel about a system Migration?

Migrating Platforms was a big concern due to the size of our book. The migration taught me that a company needs to know their specs, nothing is better than planned migration, sit together with the new system provider and let them know exactly what you want from them and their system. There needs to be very good communication from both sides.

3. How did the staff adapt to the new system?

It is imperative to first brief your staff on the system changes. All staff from the bottom up need to be aware of the proposed change, and receive sufficient training. CTU had on site staff training for almost three weeks after the migration. Companies make the mistake in thinking a two day training course is enough to teach staff the ins and outs of a system.

4. What are your personal favourite features of SKi?

The system is very integrated and we no longer need to make use of different systems, all the information is on one system and makes the lead time on pulling information much quicker. The system also helps us to be completely paperless and brokers are able to view the system from outside the office. I feel our information is now more protected as we have an onsite server.

5. Do you have any more comments?

When doing a migration, clients need to be upfront about what they want and the provider needs to be upfront about what they can do. One thing which Genasys never did was promise something they couldn’t do, or give us deadlines they couldn’t meet. The most important thing is that there is commitment and dedication from all sides. At CTU we believe in long relationships and believe in concentrating on what we are good at, and outsourcing business like IT. Companies often make the mistake of trying to build their own systems, rather take something which is already world class and customise it to your needs.

Genasys is proud to have CTU on our SKi Platform and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them.

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