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thryve is recognised as ISO 27001 compliant and certified

04 June 2020 thryve

Thryve’s ISO 27001 certification underscores its responsible and secure management of customer and internal data, on-site and in the cloud.

thryve, a leading provider of business technology solutions towards customer relations, risk management, financial services management, insurtech and more, is proud to announce that it has qualified and been certified as compliant with the ISO 27001:2013 standard. This certification reflects thryve’s status as a top-level service provider that takes the necessary care, and appropriate framework, to ensure information assets under its care are safe and secure.

“Many of thryve’s customers and partners are large blue-chip enterprises that look for the assurance which comes with being ISO 2700 certified,” said Sean Pyott, thryve’s MD. “Though we are a smaller operation, we set our mind to achieve this certification, and we can proudly announce that thryve is now certified as ISO 27001 compliant. This adds to our reputation as a business solutions provider capable of delivering transformational services and solutions to any organisation. Our customers know confidently that we manage their data with real responsibility and security.”

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally-recognised framework standard that governs information security management. It helps organisations manage and protect their data assets to remain safe and secure. The standard establishes a continual review process that thryve will be following monthly, along with annual reviews and triennial evaluations.

“ISO 27001 signals to stakeholders and customers that thryve protects their data,” said Craig Gibson, thryve’s CISO. “Large enterprises specifically look for this certification. It also translates into more confidence and value for our medium enterprise and smaller customers. This standard encompasses everything, including cloud data. By leveraging the standard’s framework, we can identify risks to customers’ and thryve’s information, and put controls in place to manage or eliminate them. We continually reassess the system to see if we are adhering to our rules, and re-evaluate those rules on a regular monthly basis.”

thryve’s ISO 27001 journey began in 2017 and completed its final phase in April this year. In May, standards auditor BSI approved thryve’s certification, and thryve is now officially recognised as compliant to and supporting ISO 27001:2013. This achievement is another example of how thryve continually improves its solutions and capabilities to give its customers exceptional service and unquestionable peace of mind.

thryve combines leading technology platforms from vendors such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Riskonnect with its in-house expertise and business knowledge to provide digital services for financial management, risk management, customer relations, information analytics, and data integration. Contact us today to learn how we can help you exploit your business’ current potential and open new avenues for revenue and efficiency.


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