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SA consumers deserve transparent information to make savvy financial choices

23 February 2021 SearchWorks
Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks

Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks

Powerful and transformative changes in technology have altered the way consumers interact with businesses and make purchasing decisions. According to Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks, almost every industry has undergone significant change over the past decade, which only accelerated in 2020.

“While Covid-19 continues to cast a long shadow across the globe, consumers everywhere are going online in greater numbers, are becoming more resourceful, plugged in, and motivated to find information and solutions that suit their needs and their budgets.”

He says consumers being empowered with accurate, transparent, up-to-date information is a now a necessity, which is why SearchShop, powered by SearchWorks, is gaining popularity. Through its innovative platform, SearchShop allows consumers to perform live director, company, property, and vehicle searches via a mobile device in a matter of seconds, anytime, anywhere.

“The need for knowledge and control means that South Africans are turning to online content for everything from comparing prices to doing more in depth research, particularly when it comes to long term financial commitments such as buying a car or getting a foot on the property ladder,” notes Kumandan.

“Modern consumers have been shaped by the convergence of mobile, social, app, and big data megatrends. Consumers are leveraging data to their advantage as they have access to information that was previously out of reach, either due to the hassle or expense of obtaining details on a vehicle or property,” says Kumandan. He adds SearchShop delivers critical information including municipal and market values of properties, and the retail and trade values of vehicles to consumers where and when they need it.

“Buying a house or a car is a monumental commitment. Ultimately, knowing the true municipal value of a property or the history of a pre-owned vehicle can mean difference between securing the best deal possible or being burdened with a financial catastrophe.” Kumandan believes advances in technology will continue to shift the balance of power in favour of ordinary consumers who expect more choice and control than ever before.

SearchShop gives any individual access to one of biggest data aggregation services in South Africa. Registration is free, and users are only charged on a per report basis with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

“At the heart of it all is one hard to argue fact: consumers are now firmly in control. This is a positive development because empowered consumers make empowered choices. South Africans deserve transparent information to help them make better financial choices. The only question remaining now is how many more people will demand accurate, immediate information to help them take charge of major financial decisions,” says Kumandan.

To find out more about SearchShop visit and download the app from the Google play store at

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