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Legacy Brokers #Win all the way

03 June 2019 Christo Crafford, Underwriting Manager at Legacy (LUM)
Christo Crafford, Underwriting Manager at Legacy (LUM)

Christo Crafford, Underwriting Manager at Legacy (LUM)

Legacy Underwriting Managers (LUM) has been providing custom-designed information technology and broker administration solutions to the short-term insurance industry since 2003 and has partnered with some of the biggest names in the South African insurance industry.

Here’s why you should join the Legacy family and #Win all the way.

#Win 1 - Santam Best Portfolio

Legacy Underwriting Managers (LUM) has been named the Best Portfolio Administrator in South Africa at this year’s Santam Broker Awards. This is the third time in six years that this prized accolade has been awarded to the Legacy team.

#Win 2 - Automation
The cutting-edge Legacy On-Line system is highly automated in order to maximise client service and turn-around times, to eliminate repetitive administration tasks and to achieve consistent outcomes. The follow-up, and re-submission, of unpaid debit orders is automated while many claims processes (e.g. windscreen, geyser and fast track claims) are also fully automated end-to-end. In addition, web-based integration – with insurer back-end systems – brings bulk purchase power and additional expertise to the table.

#Win 3 - Superior product, special benefits, unique features
Legacy has its own bespoke wordings, limits and cover with special benefits for qualifying clients and options like insuring new vehicles for replacement value for up to five years.

#Win 4 - Friendly, helpful service from knowledgeable staff
Service advisers in our Service Centre are fully FAIS compliant and trained to assist in all aspects of a policy and can help with amendments, claims and financial aspects in a single interaction.

#Win 5 - Access to SA's Top Insurance companies
Legacy offers clients access to top underwriters and brands that are known and trusted. We provide a competitive advantage over brokers touting second tier and lesser known companies' products.

#Win 6 - Proven track-record
Legacy has been around for more than 20 years and has received multiple award and accolades. It consistently delivers best in class results in measures that count for insurers, brokers and clients alike: amongst others cancellation rates, salvage recoveries, claims finalisation turnaround times and average repair cost.

#Win 7 - In-house developed system
The Legacy On-Line system was developed by an in-house team of IT experts who understand insurance and work in conjunction with our underwriting team members and brokers to constantly enhance the features and functionality of the system.

#Win 8 - Go paperless
Fans of Japanese organising consultant and author Marie Kondo know that getting rid of that which does not bring joy into their lives is the key to happiness and simplifying life. The same applies to your work life and paper must be one of the biggest culprits. Legacy On-Line is a fully digital system which will simplify your business.

• If you want to put your brokerage on a path to #Win, contact Legacy for more information. Simply notify us of your interest on, phone Christo Crafford on +27829203062 or send your contact details to and he will do the rest.

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