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Clickatell Launches Chat Desk to Shake Up the $1.3 Trillion Call Center Industry

16 July 2020 Clickatell
Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product Officer at Clickatell

Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product Officer at Clickatell

Chat Desk - Internal Comments

Chat Desk - Internal Comments

Chat Desk transforms the way businesses serve their customers through chat channels and live agent support

Clickatell, a global leader in mobile communications and chat commerce, today announced the launch of Chat Desk, a digital contact center solution that helps agents resolve customer queries and obtain customer insights in real-time using chat channels for live agent support. The solution addresses the growing consumer demand for easy and personal experiences by transforming the traditional call center with one simple integration.

“For decades, businesses have spent significant resources on the call center experience – generating 265 billion customer service calls each year – and most of this investment does not create desired outcomes for businesses or consumers. It’s cost prohibitive and doesn’t provide customers with the experience they expect,” said Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell. “Chat Desk addresses some of the biggest customer experience challenges today. It enables consumers to communicate on the chat channels they are most comfortable using, while enabling organizations to easily integrate chat to deliver the very best customer experience and not break the bank.”

A complete end-to-end chat solution, Clickatell’s Chat Desk enables live agents and their supervisors to communicate with customers over popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp, tracking tickets and chat histories.

“Our clients connect with each other all day, every day with instant messages,” said Shaun Kotwal, Head of Standard Bank Wealth and Investment, South Africa. “By providing Clickatell’s dedicated Chat Desk, we can deliver a service that is more personalized than ever before – right where our clients are already communicating. A service that is not only simple, but also secure.”

By integrating chat channels within Chat Desk, businesses lower the demand on costly, traditional voice channels and enable agents to resolve multiple chat requests simultaneously, lowering the cost per resolution and increasing customer satisfaction, Dorff explained.

Chat Desk’s real-time reporting and analytics provides agents with the ability to view customer sentiment and insights, and access customers’ outstanding and historical tickets. With these features, agents efficiently manage customer escalations by easily transferring inquiries to correct departments or specialized agents.

“Studies have shown that just three percent of customers enjoy using IVR (interactive voice response), yet 80 percent of interactions can be resolved by automation and engagement,” added Dorff. “Chat Desk addresses this divide with a solution designed to delight customers and build brand loyalty.”

Additional key benefits of Chat Desk are its capabilities for supervisors. Chat Desk empowers supervisors to effectively manage agents by monitoring their activities, performance, productivity, and workload in real-time. Through Clickatell’s Flow, a visual workflow editor, agents can also identify the most frequent queries and where resources like interactive FAQs and other self-service options are sufficient.

Chat Desk is cloud-based for fast deployments and instant updates, significantly lowering the risk for organizations.

For details about Chat Desk, visit our product page and watch our video.


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