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atWORK and QuicklySign team up to save advisers time, money, and hassle

23 March 2021 atWORK

COVID-19 and remote working has helped the world end the paper document. Which is why atWORK’s integration of SA-based QuicklySign into its client management software is so timely. Advisers and clients can now take advantage of a new way of signing documents that is quicker, cheaper, and more secure than the alternatives. It’s also been shown to boost conversion rates.

What’s all the fuss about?

Every adviser knows what a drag it can be to get clients to sign documents. Printing, signing, and scanning documents isn’t just a massive waste of time and money – it’s also far from infallible and can deter would-be clients.

The integration of QuicklySign’s award-winning software into atWORK elegantly mitigates these hassles. For clients, the fact that signing only takes a few seconds and can be done on web or mobile, is “a gamechanger” says Trevor Stacey the head of Business Development at atWORK. Advisors, meanwhile, enjoy “almost endless benefits,” he adds. “You’ll save time, money and trees while also improving conversion rates, data security and office admin.”

Why QuicklySign?

After an exhaustive selection process that saw atWORK comparing 15 different electronic signature providers, QuicklySign emerged as the clear winner for a number of reasons:

- Superior software. The product is exceptionally easy for both clients and advisors to use, and it’s also extremely secure.
- Track record. The company has been around 6 years and handles over 55,000 documents every month.
- Local company. QuicklySign is based in South Africa, and their customer service is exceptional.
- Great value. atWORK has negotiated a fantastic rate of R119/user/month for their clients (most other similar services are in the R200-250 range).

In practice

Trevor pointed out a few ways QuicklySign will simplify matters for both clients and advisers…

1. Client experience. Clients simply click on a link that’s emailed to them and follow the prompts. When it’s all done, they receive a copy of the signed document.
2. Conversion rate. “Because it’s so easy for clients to sign, your conversion rate will improve dramatically,” says Trevor.
3. No massive routine changes. All documents are managed from within atWORK so you can do things the way you always have.
4. Bye-bye post-it notes. atWORK users can pre-populate text and signature fields for frequently used documents.
5. Keep track of documents. Seamless integration into atWORK provides an overview of documents pending signature and makes filing signed documents easy.
6. Peerless security. Two-factor authentication and ‘full stack history’ audit trail combine to give “incredible peace of mind for both advisers and clients,” says Trevor.

The final word

“For only R120 each month you can save time, money, petrol and paper. While also increasing conversion rates,” concludes Trevor. “We think it’s a no-brainer and we hope you’ll agree.”

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