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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine October 2020

15 October 2020 Rianet Whitehead

Jampacked with some solid content… because that is what we are good at. For us it’s not only about assisting you in ticking your compliance box for you CPD hours; it’s about making sure you actually learn something new or read about something you’ve never thought of before… If you are not part of the over 16 700 registered CPD users, make sure you sign up today. We’ve summed up our CPD articles and a lot more articles we believe you’ll find good value in. The links will take you directly to the digital copy of the FAnews October edition.

CPD Articles

  • IISA

Transformation trends. Tough commission procurement rule that could dent insurers’ B-BBEE scorecards…
Business interruption losses… the uninsurable event.
Something’s phishy… The consequences of cybercrime on businesses can be devastating and can have lasting effects.
Plastic… a popular construction material.
A disconnect between expectations and limitations… the reality is that insureds and underwriters may have different expectations of cover.
Covid-19 brings challenges to medical malpractice.

  • FPI

Transformation trends. Tough commission procurement rule that could dent insurers’ B-BBEE scorecards…
The rider and the elephant. Financial advisers can play a key role in helping their clients tame their elephant.
The four most dangerous words in investing. Make sure that your clients are invested in a fund or portfolio matched to their investment goals.
Asset allocation in an uncertain inflation environment. There is enough evidence in the post-pandemic makeup to suggest that we should be paying close attention to a depression.
Are annuities tailor-made for today’s investors? With guaranteed or life annuities regaining traction with investors, there is still a misconception that they are a ‘one size fits all’ solution.
The failure points for risk management. Risk management programs can look quite impressive, but some can be far too complex, or too simple, or inappropriate...

And more…

  • In the news

Managing talent remotely. Remote work has benefits, but it is not without its challenges.
The importance of holistic planning for unspecified risks. Risks such as continuing governance failures; changes to legislation and regulations are becoming more prevalent.

  • Profile

A new brand in the collections arena. Q LINK Holdings announced it has rebranded Insure Group Managers Services (IGMS) to QSURE.
Genasys unveils new look. Genasys Technologies has undergone an external brand refresh. Read more about it.

  • Compliance

Compliance… the rules of the game.

  • Investments

Will decarbonisation be the mega-trend of the next decade? US equities have been the winners of the past ten years, but what about the rest?
Mistakes investors make. Making any investment decision based on emotion is one of the biggest behavioural mistakes.
Do fundamentals still matter? We are yet to see the willingness in government to make the tough decisions needed to take our economy forward…

  • Life

Evolving with the times. Technological advancements are shaping our workforce in three areas - read more about it.
Longevity has a long life ahead of it. An aging population, along with a decrease in fertility rates, seems to fuel the so called “perfect storm”.

  • Retirement

Reframing clients’ notions about retirement. Changing the way we think about work and retirement allows us to rewire our approach.

  • Healthcare

The quest for true value in a post-Covid-19 world. It’s all about the delivery of top-quality care.

  • Short term

Underwriting… a new reality with many uncertain risks. The role of the future underwriter in insurance has never been more critical.
MSMEs struggle to access affordable insurance. No doubt that MSMEs have unique insurance needs…
In search of sustainable drought solutions. Why has drought insurance success eluded local insurers?
Unique and out of the ordinary construction, community uproar and contracts. Insureds are often placed in a precarious position.
From risk to resilience. What the latest midshaft means for insurers.
Speed is of the essence when taking a new idea to market in the digital age. Just adjust… don’t start from scratch.
Flexible workplace policies… withstand a crisis.

Editor’s thoughts:
The fact that we offer you, our readers, the option to choose between print and digital is a win-win. Yes, we operate in a very digital age but feeling paper is still a thing for many of our readers.  A big thank you to each and every one who contributed to the October edition, thank you to our advertisers without none of this can happen and thank YOU for reading FAnews and for being a loyal supporter. Our aim is to make it as easy and as uncomplicated as possible while you are still learning a few things – because that is ultimately what it’s about. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts.

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Healthcare brokers have long complained about inflation-plus medical scheme contribution increases; but pandemic may have changed things. What will pandemic-induced changes in hospital utilisation do to medical scheme contribution increase patterns?


Below inflation increase for 2022, then back to inflation-plus
Long-term trend of below inflation increases
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This is a 2-year hiccup, inflation-plus increase trend remains in place
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