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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine November 2021

15 November 2021 Rianet Whitehead

Our last edition for the year is out… packed with articles you want to read. We have close to 20 000 registered CPD users, and with this mail we are reminding you to make sure you stay up to date with your CPD hours. We’ve touched on content and issues that are topical and relevant, and ultimately written for you, to empower you. The articles are written by industry experts and FAnews journalists, so if you have specific issues or questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

CPD Articles
Cyber awareness crucial amid rising cybercrime… and that’s why it’s vitally important for businesses to educate their employees on the most common risks and how to avoid them.
ESG and its impact on the insurance sector. If climate risk is not adequately managed the result will be that either insurers will no longer offer cover for it…
New proposals to amend PPRs have major impact. The key change is the definition of policies…
D&O liability trends driving claims and premium increases. Insurers must be careful of the risks they take on…
Recent case law on disclaimers. The reliance on disclaimers is like a revolving Mobius strip of people who think they have worded and displayed the perfect disclaimer, with courts that tell them they have not…
The ethical compass for evolving policy wording. What breeds discontent when it comes to policy wordings?

ESG and its impact on the insurance sector. This is relevant to both the non-life and life sector.
The untold truth about intermediary agreements. More should be done in the industry to force insurers to draft intermediary agreements based on minimum standards…
A two-way street. Employer and employee obligations are primarily mirroring images of each other…
Casting a wider net on unclaimed benefits. For more than a decade, financial institutions have been trying to solve this conundrum…
It’s time for beneficiary fund providers to step up. Our focus should always be on the beneficiaries.
Telemedicine and telehealth hold immense potential. Telemedicine and telehealth may have their inherent limitations, but their ability to complement healthcare provision is immense.

But wait, there’s more…

In the news
The broker consultant: Conventional salesperson or invaluable resource?
Dogecoin to the moon: Social media can move crypto assets or crush malpractice claims!
Gap cover, a potential inconspicuous need of your client.

Astute and Sanlam partner to enhance financial advice.

Regular Feature
Professor Vivian & Co: Attempts to design a consequential loss policy.
The impact of a growing direct insurance market and the value of advice.

It’s all about improving the customer experience. Talkbots or chatbots can be infuriating.

Rethinking claims. Claims are the moment of truth for insurers…
Limited panels… frustrating for brokers and loss adjusters? Let’s talk about it…

Sustainable stocks gain positive sentiment. Research indicates that companies that focused on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors weathered the year better than their non-ESG peers.
The future of property. The fundamentals of property and its overall value proposition remain unmoved.
Global investing in the time of increased risk. The reality: we don’t have the luxury of investing in a vacuum.

Disability claims aggregation… some practical examples.
Medical advances in the early detection of cancers.
Pre-emptively managing cancer risks.

Employee Benefits
To diversify or specialise? To grow and sustain your business, the answer is easy…

Tik-Tok: The clock is ticking on SA’s R45 billion unclaimed benefits bomb.
Key insights on saving and investment habits.

Medical schemes’ average increases for 2022. We’ve made it easy for you by sharing the following scheme’s increases: Bestmed, Bonitas, Compcare, Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Genesis, Health Squared, Medihelp, Momentum Health, Medshield and Profmed.
The trends shaping the future of healthcare.
Has COVID upped customer expectations?
Insights on vaccine developments.
Resetting for medical scheme members.
Red light green light: Government shrugs off growing NHI concerns.

Editor's thoughts:
We are operating in times where uncertainty is the new normal. We plan… and we make sure that we always have a plan B. We hope… without getting our hopes up. We wonder… consistently, about the year ahead, about the country and the world in a few years from now. We see people leaving our beautiful country, and it makes us feel somewhat hopeless at times… but we always come back to a reality where we realise that we are alive, and we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for you, our readers, and we appreciate the interaction, the feedback and the article suggestions. Thank you for being part of our journey and thank you for always being our loyal readers. This is the last one for 2021… the next FAnews will be out mid-February, so it’s a good time to catch up on all your CPD hours. Enjoy the read!



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The second draft amendments to Regulation 28 will allow retirement funds to allocate up to 45% of their assets to SA infrastructure, with a further 10% for rest of Africa; but the equity & offshore caps remain unchanged. What are your thoughts on the proposal?


Infrastructure? You mean cash returns with higher risk!?!
Infrastructure cap is way too high
Offshore limit still needs to be raised
Who cares… Reg 28 does not apply to discretionary savings
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New proposals to amend PPRs have major impact
The untold truth about intermediary agreements
Rethinking claims
Tik-Tok: The clock is ticking on SA’s R45 billion unclaimed benefits bomb
Medical schemes’ average increases for 2022
Disability claims aggregation
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