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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine November 2020

18 November 2020 Rianet Whitehead

Jampacked with some solid content… because that is what we are good at. For us it’s not only about assisting you in ticking your compliance box for you CPD hours; it’s about making sure you actually learn something new or read about something you’ve never thought of before… If you are not part of the over 16 700 registered CPD users, make sure you sign up today. Herewith a summary of our CPD and a few other articles we believe you’ll find good value in. The links will take you directly to the digital copy of the FAnews November edition.

CPD Articles

  • IISA

How to keep brokers out of the firing line. When an insurance claim unexpectedly goes awry, often, the broker will be the claimant’s primary target...

Being ‘clean’ in the business world. Business ethics remains one of the most paramount factors in ensuring the success and sustainability of a business.

Unpacking ethics. Why are we still debating ethics so many years down the line?

Fraud detection. Could this be the solution for our industry?

Electric cars. From battery performance, to cyber and fire, the growth of electric cars comes with a host of new risks and claims scenarios.

Getting to grips with contractual vs delictual liability. These terms are relevant in terms of understanding the cover offered on policies.

  • FPI

Being ‘clean’ in the business world. Business ethics remains one of the most paramount factors in ensuring the success and sustainability of a business.

Ethical decision-making in risk and insurance. I believe there is no grey area when it comes to the topic of ethics…

International Trusts and tax consequences. The tax triggers and ongoing tax impacts of an international trust will differ based on your client’s role as a South African resident.

COVID-19, chronic disease and medical treatment. The pandemic has caused major disruptions in the global healthcare environment...

Death benefitsAre your clients’ employees well-informed and updated?

The impact on outcomes when pausing versus reducing retirement savings contributions.


And more…

  • In the news

Value add in a time where it's all about premium. The trend of value-added services is being driven by changes in both the demand and the supply side.

Industry reputation batteredis it fixable?

Service with the human factor. Should customer service be digitalised completely?

Customer experience in the ‘now’ generation! There is more pressure than ever to speed up customer experience transformation efforts.

Is our industry tainted? Despite everything, we have been reminded of just how important our industry is.

Exploring the new normal in financial planning. Behavioural insights are pointing towards a gradual return to a new normal. 

  • Profile

Personal cover reinvented. Old Mutual recently launched a new insurance proposition, offering a range of personal and business cover solutions.

Infinity Anchor Fund: A Section 12J investment with market-beating performance.

Fulcrum launches Fulcrum Aircollect™. Premium collections must be accurate, timely, efficient and risk-free.

Coffee is on us! Auto & General's launches a unique offering. 

  • Short term

Complex and technical liability issues. Recent global events show that risks continue to evolve, often testing insurance policy responses against factual scenarios. 

  • Investments

Finding an edge in tech. We love investing in companies with fast growth or higher quality attributes. We just don’t like paying too much for the privilege.

  • Life

The truth about absolute value.  Getting to grips with the difference between selling a product and providing a solution to a problem. 

  • Retirement

A client’s portfolio… factors to consider. 

  • Healthcare

Medical schemes are facing tremendous pressure…. A few schemes have shared their 2021 increases with us so that you can get a clear idea of what 2021 holds for your client.

Our health… the most lasting post-COVID change.

Low-cost options… appreciated by many.

Are we on the cusp of a digital revolution? The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for broadening the affordability and accessibility of healthcare globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic and medical schemes. The pandemic has highlighted the need for stakeholders in the healthcare environment to evaluate and adapt their models.

Putting members first. One of the biggest lessons learned, is the impact lifestyle diseases and comorbidities have on Covid-19 patients.

Editor’s thoughts:
The last edition of 2020 is ready for you. Remember that you can earn three CPD hours per edition, and we are very excited about the fact that we have now launched our CPD platform on WhatsApp. Register for the WhatsApp service on our website under the CPD tag and make sure you have access to our content 24/7 in a very convenient way. Our last thank you for 2020 to each and every one who contributed to this edition, thank you to our advertisers and thank YOU for reading. Our aim is to make it as easy and as uncomplicated as possible while you learn – because that is ultimately what it’s about. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts.



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Customer experience in the ‘now’ generation
Is our industry a tainted industry?
How to keep brokers out of the firing line
Getting to grips with contractual versus delictual liability
International trusts and tax consequences
The COVID-19 pandemic and medical schemes
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