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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine June 2021

11 June 2021 Rianet Whitehead

The June edition is packed with articles you want to read. We touch on content and issues that are topical and relevant, and ultimately written for you, to empower you. The articles are written by industry experts and FAnews journalists, so if there’s a topic you would want to read more about, or have very specific issues or questions about, please don’t hesitate to raise it with us. Over and above our focus on investments, we’ve touched on many relevant topics, ranging from claims handling, litigation, trusts, broker consultants and POPIA. If you are not one of our 19 100 registered CPD users, you are missing out. To make it easier for you, we have highlighted some articles we believe have good value, and we have marked those you can get your CPD hours on (IISA and FPI). The links will take you directly to the digital copy of the FAnews June 2021 edition.

CPD Articles

  • IISA

Insurer's exception to disclose involvement in litigation. Should the right of subrogation in insurance exist at all?

Directors... in the heat of disputes. This article looks at what directors need to do, when a claim is made against them, and when to notify their insurer.

The eight commandments of POPIA. Though the scales are not balanced, the Information Regulator is armed and ready to enforce this come 1 July 2021.

Running on outdated systems there are risks. Legacy systems are not defined by age.
Decoding insurance contracts. A lack of awareness and understanding of important terms and conditions continues to leave several customers disappointed at claims stage.
Event litigation against directors. It is certain that these trends will continue to rise in the years to come and these critical developments should not be ignored by directors.

  • FPI

What POPIA means for SA's umbrella funds. With POPIA round the corner, we believe it is wise to warn clients that they may see subtle differences going forward.

Death or divorce. How best to split assets.

Beneficiary fund and trusts. Advising clients on critical financial decisions.

The COID Act. Payment of compensation.

Ethical investing… principles and moral codes.

Has the value horse bolted? The market has already priced in a lot, in terms of reflation and rotation towards value/cyclical stocks.


More valuable content…

  • In the news

Broker and insurer collaboration should not be a one-way street. Better collaboration, between brokers and insurers has the potential to make the insurance industry much more effective.

Create an outstanding customer experience. The reality is that you cannot afford to

not focus on the way in which you service your customers.

  • Profile

A compelling career in financial planning with Momentum Financial Planning. If you are an experienced Financial Adviser, new-to-industry, with or without work experience, make contact with Momentum… they want you.

Fairbairn Consult. Committed to providing unbiased financial advice.

Fulcrum Premium Finance. Businesses need premium finance now, more than ever. Since most businesses have experienced declining cash flow and turnover, they need premium finance now more than ever.

  • Technology

Service innovation. How can technology make us more human?       

  • Short term

Claims handling in the new normal. Many brokers are questioning if insurers are really geared for service delivery in the new normal.

Investigation to ensure successful third-party recoveries. The recovery process can be extremely time-consuming and arduous... being part of the “network” is of utmost importance.

  • Life

A modern-day approach to modern day developments. COVID-19 is forcing remarkable innovation across different industries, including the medical industry.

Broker consultants must reposition as enablers of advice. BCs must see themselves as enablers of advice, not as service consultants and relationship builders.

Why Millennials are not buying life insurance. If we want to stay relevant as an industry, we must deliver the instant, effortless experiences our customers are demanding.

Caring for special needs children. Costs incurred for special needs children like medical costs can grow at a rate higher than general consumer inflation.

  • Employee Benefits

Member engagement… the outcome matters. 

  • Healthcare

Employee wellness. The backbone of functional teams.               

  • Investments

Key investment themes to watch in 2021.

The looming fiscal debt trap. The two largest risks facing investors in South African government debt are default and inflation.

Deliberate and rational investment goals. A solid investment strategy needs to be deliberate, rational, and continuously managed to achieve the desired investment goals.

Treasury invokes the S12J sunset clause. Section 12J would have hopefully highlighted the benefits of conscious investing.

Portfolio positioning will serve investors well. The beginning of 2021 was all about reflation, placing upward pressure on inflation.

Making sense of an unsettled world. It’s possible, just follow the basic principles.

Fixed income or bust. The average investor has become more familiarised with the mechanics of the equity market.

The name of the game is bond. What opportunities do bonds offer currently? 

 And don’t forget…

Editor’s thoughts:
We believe we make a difference… and the feeling of holding the final product in our hands once an edition has been printed, is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. We have many readers who send us positive feedback about the ease of use of our CPD system, and about the fact that completing their CPD hours is something they have started enjoying, as they truly feel that the learnings are good… we also get some good suggestions on topics from our readers, so please feel free to join them if you have a question you need an answer on. Remember that you can also do your CPD on our WhatsApp platform. There’s a steady increase of users in this space, so feel free to see how it works; you’ll be surprised. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts.


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