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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine August 2020

19 August 2020 Rianet Whitehead

Another fantastic read… and not only because we give you high level CPD content, but because we have covered all the various industry issues relevant at the moment. For now quite a lot of our articles are Covid-19 related, just because it is so part of our lives… but all indications are that we can slowly but surely talk less about the new normal and more about a better version of life as we knew it before the pandemic hit. Will life ever be ‘normal’ again? I suppose only time will tell… In the meantime, enjoy the August 2020 edition. If you are not part of the over 15 600 registered CPD users, you are missing out, because we make it easy for you. This edition is packed with high-level, well researched content and we are proud of an excellent final product.

We've identified a few articles you might find good value in.

Time to push mental health to the top of the corporate agenda – More than 100 days into lockdown, and there’s a few lessons learnt by many that should be encouraged in the corporate environment…

Is this the death of paper? - Internet, robotics, and technology are changing advice practices forever. Let’s see what the adviser of the future look like.

The personal touch – Empowering your clients to change cover over time - Clients’ policies should be flexible and clients need to be able to change their cover as their needs change, even if their health has worsened.

Being #RISKREADY in turbulent times - Operating under turbulent conditions necessitates that we help manage our customer’s exposures to the best of our abilities. What are the options?

Three key challenges keeping advisers up at night - and how to overcome them.

SHA celebrates 35 years of excellence - This year marks a big milestone for SHA Risk Specialists as it celebrates 35 years of delivering quality service and expertise.

From work suits to tracksuits - How COVID-19 has changed the work environment.

One size does not fit all - Tailoring life insurance for today’s women.

Lessons from COVID-19 - What needs to change on the regulatory front?

Lessons for the automation and robotization crowd - There is nothing artificial about empathy.

Finding empathetic solutions in automated claims processes - Automation, when implemented correctly, expedites and simplifies the process but we must always keep a human in the loop because this is an intimately human event.

Order up! - Risk management for restaurants amidst the pandemic.

The ball is in your court… how the pandemic revives forward-looking risk management.

Virtual inspections - a cost-effective and fast option.

Latest business interruption developments – raise more questions than answers.

Virtual inspections - the new frontier of claims management.

Take care of your risk exposure because it can happen to you - We cannot predict the future; but that does not prevent us from proactively exploring ways in which to mitigate or even minimise our exposure to potential risk.

The female factor in the healthcare market - Women can be powerful instruments of social change and when women are healthy, educated, and empowered, they are more likely to take leadership roles in the community.

Returns riddle - The yesterday, today, and tomorrow of stock market performance.

COVID-19 - How specific is this economic crisis?

Market volatility - Seesawing prices highlight the value in thinking long term.

A sustainable pension - How to manage living annuities in uncertain times.

Safe havens - Investment destinations to harbour the pandemic storm.

World class workflows are the cornerstone of efficient group death and disability claims - An insurer’s claims administration success reflects in its annual pay outs.

Long overdue - The makeover that group risk cover desperately needs.

Potential prospects - Where most of the industry talks life cover first, the conversation should start with income benefits.

Insulin resistance - The impact of Type I and Type II diabetes on life covers.

Are South Africa’s income protection benefit providers ready for COVID-19? - Income protection is there to treat the symptom, not the cause.

Looking after the insurance needs of women - Women play a key role in economic development, are professionals in various industries while simultaneously seeing to the well-being of their families.

How the gig generation is shaping the future of insurance - Traditional risk assessment models are outdated as they do not sufficiently cater for these individuals…

Technological advances are reshaping the long-term insurance industry - Technology has become a powerful tool which allows insurers to compete and differentiate themselves on the basis of unique client experiences.

There are so many more articles you can enjoy so download the edition or view the edition online. Remember… there are 12 CPD articles in this edition (six FPI approved and six IISA approved).

Editors thoughts:
As much as we love the fact that we can reach so many more readers with our digital version of the magazine, we still have our readers who prefer the print version. Long live print and longer live digital! A big thank you to each and every one who contributed to the August edition, thank you to our advertisers without none of this can happen and thank YOU for reading FAnews and for being a loyal supporter. Our aim is to make it as easy and as uncomplicated as possible for all involved, and all indications are that we are getting it right! Please comment online, or email me your thoughts.

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