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What’s inside… FAnews Magazine April 2022

11 April 2022 Rianet Whitehead

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill. Boasting a new look and feel, with a brand-new logo, we bring you our second edition of FAnews, for 2022… with close to 22 400 registered CPD users, in this edition you will find content that is once again topical and relevant, and ultimately written for you, our readers. The articles are written by industry experts and FAnews journalists. CPD articles are marked… but don’t skip the rest of the content… there are some fantastic articles in this edition. The links, on all the articles listed below, will take you directly to the FAnews April 2022 edition.


CPD Articles

IISA Approved Articles
The ethical core of insurance relationships. It is often stated that indemnity insurance is nothing but a promise by the insurer to indemnify the insured against losses, in exchange for a premium payable or paid by the latter… let’s get the full picture.
Make compliance work for you. As a business you will need to view compliance functions in a different light…
Debarment… a double whammy. Where failure to comply with fit and proper requirements are involved, there are most certainly shades of grey.
Transform your claim functions to be future fit. Smart claim functions of the future will need to be powered by technology, data, and people as a total experience.
Professionals, do you have your own suitable cover in place? There are so many risk management and mitigation measures to consider, however, there are only a few that should be top of mind for all professionals who run their own businesses.
Leadership, climate and cybercrime… SA’s top risks. The report states if the trend of poor leadership continues, South Africa runs the risk of becoming a failed state.

FPI Approved Articles
Make compliance work for you. As a business you will need to view compliance functions in a different light…
Debarment… a double whammy. Where failure to comply with fit and proper requirements are involved, there are most certainly shades of grey.
Keep taxes ‘top of mind’ to maximise your client’s financial outcomes. Things can be quite complicated in the area of estate planning and inter-generational wealth transfer, with many pitfalls to avoid.
What are the current issues facing fiduciaries? The issues facing fiduciaries could, therefore, be considered a point of perception...
Unpacking the retirement reform developments. The current reform proposals respond to three key challenges... let's unpack it.
Empowering retirement funds: to invest for impact and sustainability. Each asset allocation decision should be based on a careful assessment of the relative returns on offer, domestically and offshore.

But wait, there’s more…

In the news
More bitter than sweet: South Africa gets its first taste of the Russia-Ukraine war.
Financial planning in an immersive (and mostly conceptual) virtual world. 

Econorisk… An insurance partner you can trust.
Ami Sure: “Decide what you want in life and go for it” – Christelle Colman.
Stratum Benefits… Comprehensive Gap Cover and Health Insurance benefits that cannot be compared.
IFAs - ‘The life-blood of the industry’.
Santam Agri: Expert advice and support for Agri brokers. 

Regular feature
Professor Vivian & Co: Loss of gross profit, captured by policy wordings.
Professional Indemnity claims: Factors and trends.
The impact of hyperinflation on insurance. 

Financial Planning
How do Millennials view life and money? 

A beginner’s guide to scaling the Tech Mountain.
Operating in a future driven by technology. 

Who are the real competitors to brokers?
COVID-19’s long hangover and other trends in the D&O space.
Simplified policy wordings: A delicate balancing act. 

Clean crypto? How buying a couple of pizzas sent the bunny huggers into an ESG frenzy.
Are alternative investments the key to sustaining pension funds? 

Consolidated insurance products in the SA market.
Savvy and customer-centric life insurers. 

Can retirees of today replicate the strategies of their parents? 

Professional indemnity claims trends. 

Employee Benefits
Pricing sustainably in an ever-changing world.
The effects of Section 37C death benefit allocations.
Digital engagement in the EB space.
Group benefits and disability claims: Addressing changes. 

Editor’s thoughts:
This edition is packed with relevant and well researched articles. We pride ourselves in content that adds value to all the different parts of the industry… there is literally something for everyone. Thank you for continuing your CPD and industry reading journey with us. We look forward to serving you this year and are, as always, keen to hear what you want to and need to read more about. Involve us… we are keen to help. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email us your thoughts.


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We have watched with interest as each of the country’s large life insurers report their 2021 life claims statistics, with soaring claims and claims values. That got us thinking: how do the big life insurers compare against one another, from an IFA perspective?


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