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What’s Inside… FAnews Magazine June 2024

11 June 2024 Rianet Whitehead

As I review this edition, I'm filled with pride and excitement about what we've put together. I'm incredibly thankful for our amazing team. We might be small, but we get things done. I appreciate the strong relationships we've built over the years, the smart people who share their insights with our readers, and the brands that support our efforts to improve the industry by keeping everyone informed. This edition includes a great mix of articles: technical insights, the impact of AI, the importance of the human touch, real-life examples of mistakes we can learn from, and a look at the future.

 key topic is the urgent need to move from talking about knowledge and skills transfer to actually doing it. Lately, there have been more discussions about skills and knowledge transfer, after years of little progress. How did this process work 30 years ago? What happened, or didn't happen, that created this gap between those nearing retirement and the U35s who are eager but often lack opportunities? While some excellent efforts are being made, I think it's just not enough.

I recently attended the Insurance Crime Bureau (ICB) conference, which ended with a talk about the shortage of investigators and the steps the ICB is taking to fix this problem. They are not just talking about it; they are actively working on solutions. This approach can be applied to many skills in our industry. Simply discussing the issue in articles or at conferences is not enough. It's time for action. What is your plan?

Enjoy the read! It’s a great one…

Below we have highlighted some of the articles in the June edition. Enjoy the read -it’s another insightful edition.

CPD Articles

CPD Articles

Short-term (IISA Approved)
Health and safety: a pillar of company culture – a risk management view.
A human industry in an AI world… the challenge is to navigate these complexities.
A deep dive into PI Cover and risk management.
The construction sector in South Africa… let’s get some answers.
Insuring the unpredictable: 2024 global election risks.
Insuring in an era of geopolitical uncertainty… brokers are more vital than ever.

Life, Investments, EB, Healthcare, etc (FPI Approved)
When we were young: some inspiring words for budding financial advisers and planners.
A refresher on the COFI Bill and the latest developments… start now.
Financial advice is crucial as clients’ life policy premiums rise sharply… a must-read.
Guiding clients through the Two-Pot Retirement System. Adviser, your role is crucial here.
Savings withdrawal benefits - what your clients need to know.
There is diversification and true diversification – choose wisely.

The list of articles worth reading continues…

In the news
The biggest risk we face in the next five years is a failed state.
Self-serve future: the role of intermediaries… it remains relevant.
Transforming talent retention visions into reality.

Momentum Life Insurance launches an innovative tech-based solution and we catch up with Stephen van Niekerk about the details.
Discovery Invest’s Craig Sher talks about industry shifts and the adviser’s role.
Cogence… disrupting the South African DFM industry in a good way.
Milpark: we take a different approach to higher education.
Marisa Grundling: someone with a real passion for insurance and education.
We talk to Standard Bank Insurance about resilience and agility, the secret to unlocking future-proof growth.
Fulcrum: powering Premium Collection and Finance.
A conversation with Viresh Maharaj about Alexforbes’ strategic move into the DFM market and some of the trends they have picked up over the last few years.

Regular Features
TCF, regulators and the law of contracts.

The stakes of failing to meet information reporting deadlines… there will be consequences.

Education and Training
Bridging the gap: addressing the skills shortage in the industry… it’s a serious issue.

Harnessing AI: opportunities and challenges in the insurance sector.
What is fair and responsible AI?
Balancing technology and the human touch.

The power of empathy in our industry… don’t underestimate it.
Understanding and responding to modern customer demands in insurance.

What has COVID-19 done to the cost of life insurance? Some excellent food for thought.
Fairness in insurance contracts… never forget that.

Maximising legacy: the strategic imperative of estate planning.

South Africa's investability: it’s easy to paint a negative scenario around investing in SA.
Like profits in a downturn: SA firms are abandoning the JSE in droves.
Does listed infrastructure add value to a portfolio?
Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI): for cost-effective, optimised asset management and investment advice.
ESG in 2024: moving beyond labels to true sustainability.
Invest in the global equity market, they say…
The Hotel California (Not) - You cannot check out of private markets any time you want.
Has AI tipped the scale in asset management?
Finding opportunity in US healthcare.
Balancing life's pressures with purpose-driven investments.

Editor’s thoughts:

We focus on discussing important topics, sharing useful advice, and updating you on the latest trends in our field. We're here to support your learning journey. If there's something you'd like to know more about, just let us know and we'll look into it for you. Our network is full of experts ready to answer your questions. We're eager to share information that interests you, so please reach out. 

Enjoy the read!

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Understanding prescription in claims for professional negligence
Climate change… the single biggest risk facing insurers
Insuring the unpredictable: 2024 global election risks
Financial advice crucial as clients’ Life policy premiums rise sharply
Guiding clients through the Two-Pot Retirement System
There is diversification, and true diversification – choose wisely
Decoding the shift in investment patterns
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