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FAnews April 2020 Edition

08 April 2020 Rianet Whitehead

The April 2020 edition is out, just in time for you to do another three CPD hours. This edition is packed with high-level, well researched content and we are proud of each article. You will see that CPD articles are now marked so you can easily spot them, but please do not skip the others as you will miss out on good reading material.

We pride ourselves on exclusive content, no press releases in the magazine and our contributors are as passionate as what we are.

We’ve identified a few articles you’ll particularly enjoy…

What makes customers loyal? - Historically, companies focussed on product development and the distribution of that product… has it changed? 

Five risks that could severely impact SMEs - SMEs must be made aware of risks which could impact their business continuity and bottom line. 

D&O claims… the devil’s in the detail - A material increase in liability claims made against company directors and officers (D&O) over the past three years. Are we missing something?

Cell captives are insurance innovation hubs - The cell captive structure is intrinsically very well diversified and flexible. This is why.  

AI and the human touch…striking an ethical balanceCan we not use the data provided through machine learning to provide a more ethical response?

Customer centricity can unlock true customer loyalty - What really makes customers loyal?

SA’s Employed & Climbing - What are the conditions that make innovation through collaboration possible?

Implications of COVID-19 on clients’ risk cover - COVID-19 is causing panic. What are your risk clients particularly concerned about?

COVID-19 and your client’s retirement savings - There are a few factors that have impacted market volatility recently, of which the biggest is COVID-19. How do we keep clients calm? 

How do we ensure members always come first? - A focus on the individual within the bigger employment group is not only possible, but necessary.

Fees… a poor predictor of ultimate returnsIt’s about more than price when deciding on EB offerings.

‘New age’ future-proof product development – What does today’s workforce really want from their EB package? 

Death benefits – dependants’ rights - Dependants, children and nominees have certain rights… it’s not negotiable.  

Distribution of death benefits - The section 37C distribution of death benefits has its origins in the intention on the part of the State to incentivise people to save… has it worked?

Zooming into RAs and tax-free savings - RAs and tax-free savings both offer excellent, tax-efficient investment structures – both should be included in a balanced investment approach. 

What you need to know about Generation Z - Gen Zs will be instrumental in shaping the future success of South African businesses.  But why?

Approaching retirement in volatility - Major stock exchanges around the globe have fallen in excess of 25%, signalling the end of the longest bull market that the globe has experienced on record. What a time to retire… 

Retirement… a different ball game for women?Is women’s long-term view on money really different to men in relation to building their assets and saving for retirement?

This cutback will be a costly mistake Employers cannot be blamed for considering cutbacks on expenses. But why not?

Ninety One reasons on Investec Group divorce - Read more about Ninety One and what the future holds.  

Holding the hand of the affluent through wealth challenges - PPS expanded their family… welcome PPS Wealth Advisory.

As a reminder

The Insurance Apprentice - If you operate in the short term insurance industry, do remember that you can also do Episode 1 to 7 for some additional CPD Hours. The episode gives you one hour per episode, which comprises of a half an hour episode, an article and some questions to answer.

Editor’s thoughts:
Enjoy the read in a time that is so much different than anyone ever imagined… Please stay safe and use the time to reinvent yourself and your business. If there’s a topic you would like us to tackle in the next edition, please drop me a mail

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