Artinsure Launches product for Photographers

25 March 2010 Artinsure

Artinsure, a specialist underwriting manager focusing on the insurance needs of the art and antiques world and three year Hollard partner, has launched an extension of their current product line aimed at the photographic market.

Many photographers are not aware that most policies are not comprehensive and do not offer full coverage due to the specialist nature of the equipment. In fact an ordinary ‘all risk’ policy will not cover the normal risks that photographers encounter and could leave them exposed and out of pocket.

Until now, no comprehensive insurance product has been able to meet the needs of this market. Artinsure saw the need to develop Artinsure Photographer which is aimed at professional photographers, enthusiasts possessing equipment valued greater than R100 000 as well as videographers.

True to their core value added offerings, Artinsure Photographer offers expert advice and knowledge of the photography market, specialist repairs and replacement as well as a tailored offering to meet the unique needs of the market.

Not only will this product cover photographers against theft and damage, it allows for incidents of accidental damage resulting in reshoot costs in the case of professional photographers. Key coverage headings are:

1. Theft of the Property Insured (when not from a vehicle)
2. Theft of the Property Insured when from a vehicle
3. Accidental Damage to the Property Insured
4. Hire of equipment
5. Accidental damage to or theft of Your Portfolio
6. Accidental damage to or theft of Your Film Stock
7. Deterioration of Film Stock
8. X - Ray Scanning
9. Processing Loss
10. Accidental Damage resulting in reshoot costs *
11. Accidental damage to or theft of Property at Exhibitions *
12. Unwitting Handling of stolen photographic equipment
13. Public Liability*

* Only apply to Professional Photographers

With a market keen on comprehensive cover and distributed only through brokers, this new product has significant potential. Artinsure has also garnered the endorsement from the leading photography associations.

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