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26 February 2024 SHA Risk Specialists

The SHA Specialist Risk Hole in One Product has grown from strength to strength over the past few years, thanks to the wonderful support we have had from our broker partners.

It is clear that the game of golf is in a very healthy state, and it is always pleasing to see so many businesses and charities arranging golf day events around our country, which has some absolutely amazing golf courses on offer.

What is Hole in One Insurance?

It is an indemnity that is paid if someone hits a hole in one on a hole where the insurance is arranged for a specific event.

What kind of prizes can be won?

In most cases, we provide a cash indemnity from between R25 000 and R1 000 000.

We are starting to see some companies arrange the hole in one cover and offer their product or service if the prize is won, such as:

1) Butcher can offer a R3 000 per month voucher at their shop for a hole in one. Total prize is R3 000 x 12 = R36 000. In addition, a butcher can request to make small boerie rolls on the day at the stand and offer every golfer a taste, thereby marketing their businesses to the local people who play that golf course.
2) Garden Landscape Company – offers a R75 000 voucher to anyone who gets a hole in one. At their stand, they show all golfers pictures of what they have done to transform gardens in the area.
3) Solar Energy Installers – Offers a R150 000 prize indemnity for a voucher for a hole in one which can be used towards an installation at your house / business.
4) Hardware Store – Offers a R50 000 prize indemnity for a voucher at their store. This can be used for anything in their store. We did one a few weeks ago where they offered paint to the value of R50 000.
5) B&B’s or guest lodges offering a R30 000 or R50 000 voucher for anyone who gets a hole in one, giving you an opportunity to take your friends to their venue for a great golfing get-away.

How much does it cost ?

R50 000 prize would be a premium of R1 250-00
R100 000 prize would be a premium of R2 500-00
R150 000 prize would be a premium of R3 750-00

The rates are subject to:

1) A minimum distance of 150m for men and 130m for ladies
2) Around 120 players participating in the golf day
3) No professional players participating. This can be covered, but at an additional premium
4) A witness at the hole witnessing every shot
5) First attempt only 

What information is required to get a quote?

We have attached our proposal form.

Club Championships 2024

Most courses around the country will be hosting their club champs over the next 8 weeks. Should your business, or your client wish to sponsor a hole in one and market your products to the local golfers in the community, contact us and let us put a deal together for you. This is such a great way of getting your brand in front of the local golfers and adding to their experience of their Club Championships.

SHA Hole-in-one Propsal.pdf
SHA Prize Indemnity Cover Flyer.pdf

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