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Businesses Are Raising Awareness on Generator Safety

21 July 2022 Riskonet Africa

Excessive loadshedding has led to an increased reliance on portable generators so that businesses can ensure continued operation without power. According to Riskonet Africa, this should raise concerns about use and safety, and companies should be aware of the risks that generators pose.

“Businesses are rightfully focused on maintaining operations during loadshedding,” says Ruben Els, Technical Director at Riskonet Africa. “But we’re seeing a sharp increase in generator-related incidents that are easily preventable and this needs to change,” he continues.

Every year, people die in incidents related to portable generator use. Most of the incidents associated with portable generators reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) involve carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from generators used indoors or in partially-enclosed spaces. “This is more common than one thinks,” says Els. “Companies need to be on high alert”.

In light of this, Riskonet has released a list of generator safety guidelines, to ensure that businesses continue to operate during loadshedding while also staying on top of any safety risks. This comprehensive list includes general safety hazards, as well as tips to minimise the risk of these occurring.

The generator safety guidelines detail where generators should and should not be operated, symptoms of possible carbon monoxide poisoning, and other risks associated with the use of generators such as electrocution and fires. The full list can be found on Riskonet Africa’s social media pages.

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