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True storytelling

08 August 201810X Investments

10X Investments, the disruptive asset manager that recently won an Apex Awards for communications professionals, released a new video this week. It is low on frills and is already proving to be high on impact.

10X continues to cut through the noise in the multi-billion-rand industry with advertising campaigns that are simple but compelling, much like the products the company offers.

Financial services companies selling actively-managed investment products to their customers are seldom able to offer a distinct point of difference in their marketing communications. Most of these service providers charge fees well over 1% – in fact, 3% on average. 10X Investments’ lower fees means that more money is invested on the client’s behalf and allowed to benefit from the exponential growth of compound interest.

These companies are more or less unable to put forward a simple differentiator in their marketing material, and instead often promote themselves with metaphorical stories, often beautifully produced and conceptually compelling.

By charging low fees, 10X Investments is in the unusual position of having a clear consumer proposition: by paying less than 1% in
fees the retirement investor can look forward to up to 60% more money at the end of a 40-year working life.

It’s an especially pertinent differentiator, given that, according to National Treasury, 94% of South Africans are set to reach retirement age with inadequate funds to retire securely.

The harsh truth of the benefit of paying less than 1% in fees is made clear in the new video. from 10X’s founder and CEO, Stephen Nathan, takes a polygraph test on camera to drive home the veracity of what he says. This is a direct counter point to advertising that relies on metaphor and analogy to communicate a brand message.

In the words of Mark Winkler, Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel: “The benefit of paying less than 1% in fees is a fact, not a metaphor.”

The video can be viewed here.


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