SACCI (formerly SACOB) CEO resigns

31 January 2008 South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (formerly SACOB)

SACCI (formerly SACOB) today released the news about the resignation of the CEO, Dr. Kwandiwe Kondlo.

It is already news that Dr. Kwandi Kondlo resigned as the CEO of SACCI. He has been appointed as the Executive Director and Head of Programme on Democracy and Governance at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). He will assume duties on the 1st March 2008.

The Board of Directors of SACCI congratulated him on the move and requested him to serve as an additional member of the SACCI board. He will assist in refining the overall strategic orientation of SACCI, identification of the new CEO as well as orientation and mentoring of the new CEO. A process has already started to headhunt using recruitment agencies for the new CEO who will implement the strategy of SACCI. The pillars of the strategy of SACCI are:

1. Business Unity

2. Institutional Development and

3. Strengthening of SACCI Standing Committee of Policy Generation

The President of SACCI, Professor Alwyn Louw congratulated Dr. Kondlo on his new appointment at the HSRC and emphasised the strategic role Dr. Kondlo will play in his new position, as well as the importance of establishing a working relationship between SACCI and the HSRC. He indicated that besides representation and the promotion of business interests, SACCI supports business with knowledge hence the importance of its relations with the HSRC, which is a leading knowledge generating institution.

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