The key to success with former Springbok Odwa Ndungane

25 March 2021 Bidvest Insurance
Odwa Ndungane, Bivest Ambassador and Former Springbok Star

Odwa Ndungane, Bivest Ambassador and Former Springbok Star

South African insurance company Bidvest Insurance recently connected with brand ambassador, and former Springbok rugby player, Odwa Ndungane to hear his thoughts on the key to success.

Odwa's rugby career spans 17 years, and during this time he played for the Sharks and the Springboks, also forming part of the 2011 World Cup squad. Outside of rugby, he is the director of Ndungane construction, a presenter on the Supersport channel, and he runs a charity with his brother Akona, called the Ndungane twins foundation.

He knows a thing or two. Odwa shares the key lessons in his journey to success.

It starts with the individual
He refers to his early days in rugby in which he felt a burning desire to achieve success in the sport. But success requires more than just passion. It all comes down to the individual and having a sense of work ethic and the willingness to make the required sacrifices to achieve your goals. Odwa explains that 98% of success is what you put in.

Jump right in
A key memory for Odwa was when his coach at Border Bulldogs, Kobus Van Der Merwe, informed him that he would be in the starting line-up for the weekend's game against Western Province. This would place Odwa right in the deep end for his first-ever senior match, and at just 19 years of age, he found himself matching up against Springbok legends, such as Pieter Rossouw, Percy Montgomery, and Breyton Paulse. For Odwa that’s where it all started. To achieve your goals, you’ve got to jump in, even if it's scary.

Optimise mistakes
Not long after Odwa kicked off his senior career, the Sharks came knocking on his door and Odwa jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly according to plan and he found himself on the back foot after joining the team. He was then faced with an ultimatum, he could either follow the easy road and accept the coach’s offer to put him out on loan to the Griquas, or he could stay and fight for his place in the starting team. The decision to stay and fight taught him to:

You must be willing to work through the hard times and be adaptive for when things are not going your way.

Change the way you think about mistakes, says Odwa. Mistakes are a powerful opportunity for you to learn, and when you learn, you’re better prepared for future challenges. By changing the way you perceive mistakes, you can create opportunities where others might see failure.

Process process process
Once your goals are set, it's important to dissect exactly what you want to achieve with these goals and how you are going to get there. Odwa highlights the 5 Ps that will help focus your energy: Plan, be Positive, be Present, be Patient, and be Persistent.

Keep moving forward
When striving to achieve your goal, you must focus on continuous improvement and not simply ticking boxes. As Odwa points out, this is still vital even after you have achieved your goal, as it’s harder to stay at the top than to reach the top. Keep finding ways to push yourself and to keep moving forward.

Balance is key
Life is made up of numerous 'boxes', each one different from the other, Odwa explains. To be truly successful, you have to fill each box and not just focus on one, which, if taken away, can leave you feeling lost and without purpose. While working hard to achieve your goals ensure that you find the time to create balance in your life.

We are proud to have Odwa as a brand ambassador. He has been sponsored by Bidvest for various lifestyle insurance products, including legal and cyber insurance, as well as car-related insurance products, such as smash and grab/hijack insurance, key insurance, and comprehensive insurance through Bidvest’s brokerage unit.

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