Sanlam partners with the Loeries to help the industry “Live with Confidence”

13 September 2021 Sanlam
Sydney Mbhele, Chief Executive: Brand at Sanlam

Sydney Mbhele, Chief Executive: Brand at Sanlam

The Loeries, Africa and the Middle East’s premier brand communications festival, is once again partnering with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial services institution organisation in Africa, to help the industry “Live with Confidence.”

Sanlam launched its new positioning earlier this year and now brings this philosophy to the brand communication industry. The partnership is based on imparting strategic financial literacy and confidence about the achievement of dreams and aspirations, to those in the industry, so that it ultimately leads to the creation of sound financial decisions, security, and prosperity.

Sydney Mbhele, Chief Executive: Brand at Sanlam says the Sanlam Group is looking forward to its second year of Loeries partnership. “It has been an incredibly tough 18 months and yet we’ve seen some of the most exceptional creative work being produced in South Africa. The creative industry has risen to the occasion and has helped brands and individuals navigate the pandemic with fresh, engaging and impactful work. We are really looking forward to being a part of awarding the deserving creators of the work.

“For us, this is an opportunity to work alongside some of South Africa’s brightest minds and help them navigate their financial lives with confidence, particularly as the economy continues to be so challenging right now. The management and planning of finances has never been more important, and we really hope we can make a deep impact in the financial lives of the amazingly talented people in this industry.” The Loeries will be holding its annual Loeries Creative Week in the City of Cape Town, where Sanlam was founded more than a century ago. While the Loeries Creative Week will be an important event in educating the industry on the benefits of financial confidence, Sanlam’s involvement with the Loeries will be year-round thereby ensuring a sustained effort in its support of the industry.

“The Loeries is honoured to have Sanlam onboard, again, as our Official Financial Services Partner,” says Loeries CEO, Preetesh Sewraj, “Sanlam is not only a great supporter of the brand communication industry but also a creative force, in its own right, having won numerous Loerie Awards for their creative excellence. I look forward to working with the Sanlam team to help inspire even greater confidence in the work coming out of our industry.”

The partnership includes content aimed at providing financial planning assistance and advice on making sound financial decisions for a secure future. Sanlam’s overall partnership also enables the Loeries to deliver on its key objective of supporting the brand communication industry in the creation of transformative communication that leads society forward.

About Loeries Africa Middle East
The Loeries, a non-profit company, is Africa and the Middle East’s premiere initiative that recognises, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the brand communication industry. As the highest accolade for creativity and innovation across our region, the Loeries promotes and supports creativity by helping marketers, agencies and consumers appreciate the value of ideas and fresh thinking. Culminating in the biggest creative gathering across the region, Loeries Creative Week brings together the best innovative minds from our industry for a festival of networking, inspiring minds and recognising great work. The Loeries is the only award across Africa and the Middle East that informs the global WARC Creative 100, a showcase for the best creative work in the world. Successor to the prestigious Gunn Report, WARC collates the most important advertising awards from around the world to produce a global list that ranks the most creative companies and campaigns.

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