Oakhurst and Vantage go vintage!

13 February 2018Simon Phage, Oakhurst
Simon Phage, CEO of Oakhurst.

Simon Phage, CEO of Oakhurst.

The George Old Car Show, driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd is the highlight on every vintage car enthusiast’s calendar, exhibiting motoring treasures of yesteryear. Over 13 000 local and international guests flock to the majestic Garden Route event annually. This year marked its 22nd edition and was also the perfect opportunity to announce the partnership between Vantage Insurance Acceptances and Oakhurst Insurance.

Steered by their specialist motor insurance expert, Adriaan Louw, Vantage have provided the industry with comprehensive cover for executive, collectible and classic cars for the past nine years. Louw was also involved in the development of Oakhurst’s latest niche product, ‘Classic Car Cover’, which was launched to the market at the George Old Car Show. 

“Building sustainable partnerships (such as the one with Vantage) is central to our business model, and the vision for excellence that we share with our partners contributes to everyone’s success” says Oakhurst CEO Simon Phage.

“We have not only placed emphasis on innovation but also on the ability to remain agile, thus swiftly delivering on many new niche products. Adriaan’s years of experience in this niche segment and his support of a national broker network meant that we had the same intentions when discussing Classic Car Cover goals” added Phage.

Adriaan Louw explained why Vantage is the perfect partner in this Classic Car endeavour: “We are fellow classic car enthusiasts and members of numerous respected car clubs around the country and we belong to specialist networks of classic car advisors who understand the history behind each car and can therefore value and repair them correctly. We have a thorough understanding of our client’s specialist needs and develop bespoke products, such as Classic Car Cover.”
Classic Car Cover is based on an “agreed value” of the insured vehicle. The type of cover options are:

o Comprehensive
o Third party, fire and theft
o Third party only

They also have an added option called Laid-up cover which insures vehicles against any damage or loss while being stored in a secure place and not in use. Other policy considerations include offering the client the first option of purchasing the salvage if the vehicle is written off.

After being in the game for more than 10 years, Oakhurst have made it clear that they are more than just a motor underwriter, with well-established product lines in commercial, home and pet insurance. They also boast the recent introduction of drone and bicycle cover to their offering.

Brokers whose clients are classic and vintage car enthusiasts can contact Vantage on (021) 701 7569 for more information on Classic Car Cover.

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