Mars Multisales Africa celebrates ‘Take your dog to work week’

14 June 2017Mars

Mars Multisales Africa (Mars) is celebrating International Take Your Dog To Work Week™.

As global leaders in the petcare segment, Mars is passionate about pets and knows that having pet friendly offices is good for both employees and their dogs.

Dogs in the office can offer a sense of comfort, relieve stress, increase physical activity and even improve productivity and happiness. And Mars has the research to prove it.

The latest Banfield Pet Hospital (part of global Mars Petcare) PAWrometerTM (PAW = Pets at Work) surveyed 1,000 employees and 200 Human Resource decision makers from a mix of company sizes and industries in early 2017. The study explored perceptions of pet-friendly workplaces and found that permitting pets in the workplace has a positive impact overall on employees.

The?top five areas of improvements as a result of implementing pet-friendly policies include:

1) employee morale (93 percent)
2) reduced stress among employees (93 percent)
3) work-life balance (91 percent)
4) greater loyalty to the company (91 percent)
5) reduced guilt among pet owners about leaving their pets at home (91 percent).

The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition (also part of global Mars Petcare) has completed additional research, who revealed that dogs in the workplace had a generally positive effect on the working environment and reduced employee stress.

Brian Ayling GM at Mars Multisales Africa said, “It’s true - bringing your dog to work is good for you! Dogs in the office can offer a sense of comfort, relieve stress, increase physical activity and even improve productivity. Having pets in the office is one of many ways we aim to make the world a better place for pets.”

Mars sites around the world are celebrating the benefits of bringing our furry friends to work with a range of activities happening between 19 - 23 June.

As Market leaders in Petcare, Mars is committed to making the world a better place for pets all around the world – and as part of this purpose, currently many of its sites already welcome pets so Associates can spend and enjoy more time with pets at work.

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