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06 March 2019 Infiniti Insurance
Infiniti Insurance CEO Sharon Paterson

Infiniti Insurance CEO Sharon Paterson

SimpletoGive Founder Chad Roberts

SimpletoGive Founder Chad Roberts

SimpletoGive, an innovative crowd-funding platform for education will make its presence felt today when it launches its internet social media and blog sites.

Founder of the project Chad Roberts says the online fund-raising concept utilises disruptive technology to take the labour-intensive aspect of funding-raising out of the equation. “The implementation is based on a crowd-funding concept of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people who are accessed through the programme set up by SimpletoGive. Schools participating are able to implement and run the StG project through a link to our website,” he points out.

“StG, a programme we have developed over the past three years enables an educational institution to access contributions in the short space of time without being distracted from core duties. The project is in part driven by ‘Champions’ selected from the past pupils who have attained a high profile in public life. All aspects of the fund-raising campaign are taken care of through the website.”

Chad says the project has been brought to fruition with the support of Infiniti Insurance, one of South Africa’s leading short-term insurance companies.

Infiniti CEO Sharon Paterson says her company has aligned itself to the project based on a shared vision of contributing to education as a pillar of South African society. “Infiniti has from its inception adopted the philosophy of establishing strong alliances to foster sustainability and long-term growth. The support provided to StG is a current and relevant contribution to our society as a whole and one which helps address educational support as one of today’s most pressing needs.

Chad says that going forward; the initiative will be rolled out across the country and has invited educational institutions to make contact with SimpletoGive. “Pressures exerted on all of us in the economic climate call for inventive solutions. SimpletoGive is exactly what the name implies. Its technological platform enables fund-raising activities with minimum effort and the highest levels of integrity and security have been incorporated for peace-of-mind. He concludes.

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