02 December 2020 Myra Knoesen

If you would like to view the webinar click on this link - where you will find :

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    • Webinar Recording
    • Sample Estate Directory

The slideshow will only be available for the next 4 days.

Stop calling yourself a broker or adviser

“You are not in the financial business; you are in the relationships business. We need to understand the magic of relationships. Do you have a system to deliver on client experience? What is it that clients can get from you? Uniqueness is critical, you have to be radically different to engage clients. We are living in a digital economy. Are your websites and social media platforms up to date? Clients are checking you out before even engaging with you. The LinkedIn errors we make, for example, include sharing way too much wrong information, not using story or analogy instead of data and financial spam, having a bad profile, not integrating yourself into the content etc.,” said Morris.

“Equip clients with a surfboard and surfing lessons to prevent them from financially drowning in the inevitable realities of the tsunami wave that we currently face,” added Morris.

“No client wakes up and thinks ‘I need another endowment or policy today’, because what we do is generally considered as boring. Your job description it to befriend, intrigue, disturb and offer options. You have to have campaigns. You have to have processes in place. You have to learn how to be intriguing,” emphasised Morris.

“Stop calling yourself a financial adviser or short term agent or broker. People don’t want to hear that in the befriending process… they run. You have to give people an Ooo moment, not an Aaaa moment. This is how the conversation could go, ‘Hi what do you do for a living?’ ‘I re-position family balance sheets (PAUSE), funding for possibility and probability’. Is what you are saying and sending bringing in guaranteed outcomes?” questioned Morris.

He then went on to share a multitude of family, friend and prospect campaigns, highlighting the simple tactics one can use to engage and grab attention.

Power tools

In sharing the basic ground rules to getting your thoughts “read and spread” Morris said,” you should use voice over audio, use pictures, lock your logo and contact details with content into a pdf, always include extra value after the article or content. Send the client a whatsapp 15 second summary alerting them to your email. Deply come power tools.”

The power tools Morris highlighted included:

  • A sample financial plan;
  • A pressure test;
  • Setting up and facilitating family meetings and agendas (where you could discuss bank accounts, the family beach house etc);
  • Creating the ideal lifestyle;
  • Asking clients to leave a last and final letter (the letter the family reads when they get back from the clients funeral, with last wishes and requests);
  • His and hers cards (a questionaire that husband and wife complete seperatly – there tends to be a difference of opinions… with quality advice you can get clients to meet half way); and
  • An estate directory - (a fillable PDF that clients complete with critcal information such as shareholder agreements, policies they have got etc. It is saved on a financial key. This gets locked in a deposit box, and excutors have the key to the safe).

“Be a product of your product, and evoke emotions,” said Morris.                        

Take your business to the next level

Morris, in partnership with FAnews, will be doing a three-month course based on the session.  



You will gain insight into the personal marketing of your services as a financial professional. You will enhance your knowledge and abilities to source, befriend, intrigue, and subsequently acquire new clients. Additionally, you will boost your conversion ratios with current clients committing to more holistic financial planning and robust risk management. As an adviser, you will learn how to partner with strategic alliances like accountants and attorneys for referral generation and business market financial consulting work. Furthermore, you will discover how to approach and engage more High Net Worth clients and also learn the techniques required to position yourselves within chosen market niches within certain industries. Your awareness and understanding of social media marketing strategies and campaigns will also be expanded on. 

The modules will run as follows:

Module 1 – A new dawn: performance diagnosis, becoming more referable, differentiating yourself, power tools, the pressure test, checklists and agendas, the Estate directory and more about the last and final letter (no, not the will).
9 December 2020 & 19 January 2021 

Module 2 – First impressions: your overall image, approaching clients through social media, fatal mistakes, a positive first meeting, keeping a full diary, the his and her cards.  
26 January 2021 & 2 February 2021

Module 3 – The WOW experience: the tricks with social media, tools, building profiles, video-testimonials, opening and closing that front door.
9 February 2021 & 16 February 2021 

Module 4 – Creative selling: some sizzling door-openers, boosting visibility, captioning the attention, testimonial marketing.
23 February 2021 & 2 March 2021 

Module 5 - Mega marketing: storytelling, campaigns, tools, niche tactics, service level agreements, some great anecdotes.
9 March 2021 & 16 March 2021 

Module 6 – Strategic alliance development: overcoming resistance, engaging accountants and attorneys, the gaps, getting facetime.
30 March 2021 & 6 April 2021

If you are keen and want to really take your business to the next level, please click here to register

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