AIE2021 going virtual only!!

15 June 2021 IISA

After careful consideration, it was decided to host the African Insurance Exchange 2021 virtually only. Based on the continued health climate, this is the right decision. The virtual event will still deliver ample networking opportunities which include one-on-one meetings and will also showcase a virtual exhibition.

The line of topics is thought provoking and local and international speakers will share insights you do not want to miss. The topics have been segmented into various categorised, the said categories are Leadership, Regulatory, Technology, Innovation, Human Capital, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, and the Future Outlook. 

Leadership Category:
Under the Leadership segment, the following topics will be discussed:

? The evolution of insurance: Insurance 2050
In this session our panel of expert guests will discuss the importance of innovation and transformation as the key drivers of the evolution of the insurance industry. We will also look at how harnessing uncertainty leads to reinvention and builds success. 

? Building resilient organisations for a sustainable industry
This topic will explore ways to position businesses for reliance against risks such as increased competition, stagnation, mergers and acquisitions, and market volatility. The discussion will also include skills required to build resilience, unpack new ways of developing skills and explore a number of sustainable skills that will be needed by organisations of the future.

* Intentional transformation
Transformation is key in creating a sustainable business. This topic will unpack what it takes to be an ethical and effective leader during transformation through the lens of enterprise development in the financial sector.

Regulatory Category:
Under this category we will hear from our experts on such topics as:

* The world post COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do business. The panelists will explore the impact of the pandemic and how it has led to product innovation and changed policy wording and cover going forward.

* The future is now
This topic will deal with disruption caused by overregulation, policy uncertainty, and uncertain economic growth with particular reference to the state of D&O in the insurance sectors, the impact of the speed of technological change and the risk of cyber threats.

* The future of data regulation
Data regulation is increasingly becoming a priority across the globe. In this session our experts discuss the challenges in legislation and regulations and the impact of new technologies such as AI and IoT on data regulation and how this fast-moving environment may be contributing to global governance failure.

Technology Category:
* Mega trends in technology
Mega trends in technology and how they are shaping the way we do business. 

*Technology and insurance converges
The intersectionality of technology and insurance and how innovation is changing landscape of the insurance sector in term of products, customer service and the way business is done. In this session we will also look at the risks of Cyber Attacks, Data Fraud and Data Theft created by the pervasive use and reliance on new technologies.

Innovation Category:
* Innovative means of distributing insurance
In this session our panel will discuss the shift in how insurance is distributed in the insurance industry and how we need to reconfigure the business and operating platform to allow for a client-driven, ecosystem-based financial services industry that will create a new wave of disruption and disintermediation.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Category:
* Disaster management, what are we doing as a collective or planning to do
Growing awareness of how environmental, social and governance factors increasingly hold more importance on insurers' strategies and uninsurable risks. In this topic there will be a broad range of factors to be discussed including extreme weather events, natural disasters, climate change and the protection gap.

Human Capital Category:
* Agile working: Business engagements and Networking in the digital world without losing humanity
Humanity is key in building a sustainable business, in this session our esteemed panel will look at how to harness the power or technology to boost productivity and create more agile, skilled teams without losing human touchpoints. We will also explore the impact of the failure to develop, attract and/or retain talent in an ever evolving business environment.

* Developing employee resilience
How to develop resilient employees in uncertain times and the real-world business value of harnessing the human spirit.

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