PSG Wealth’s political education campaign a moveable feast

24 April 2018PSG

Not every marketing campaign is aimed at promoting a new product or service. And not every audience can be simply categorised as ‘internal’ or ‘external’, particularly in the case of PSG Wealth, its clients and their over 750 independent financial advisers.

Spread across the country in towns and cities big and small, each adviser office is its own business, with its own unique set of clients.  Sometimes, a promotion that interests some offices and its clients, won’t interest others. 

One activation that was widely welcomed, however, was the recent nation-wide roadshow that PSG’s marketing department organised to give clients and advisers an expert’s insights into South Africa’s rapidly changing political scene. 

Under the direction of marketing head Tracy Hirst, the team contracted with political analyst and Financial Mail columnist Justice Malala to travel to 23 different venues in just 3 weeks and 3 days and unpack the latest political developments as they unfolded. 

“Our original idea was to give our clients and advisers an understanding of what might be expected to unfold post the ANC conference in December where Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as its new president,” said Hirst.  “However, no sooner had the roadshows begun, so the political landscape began to evolve at a rapid pace, with our speaker having to revise his address almost nightly,” she said. 

“Clients have naturally been concerned about the political situation for some time, and its potential influence on their investments. This roadshow was one way of arming our clients and advisers with an insider’s perception of what is to come.” 

The events were a huge hit, Hirst says, with venues packed to capacity in every instance, and Hirst would definitely do this kind of activation again.

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