2017 Tax Indaba to unpack the current and future state of tax in South Africa

23 August 2017The SA Institute of Tax Professionals

The Tax Indaba will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 11-15 September 2017. This increasingly popular event welcomes the Finance Minister for the first time as a keynote speaker.

Since its debut in 2011, the Tax Indaba has become the biggest tax event in South Africa. This event brings together private tax advisors and in-house tax staff, commercial advisors as well as SARS, the Tax Ombud and National Treasury.

Issues range from high-level tax policy to the never ending debate between SARS enforcement versus taxpayer rights. Topics come in the form of panels with some speeches.

Monday 11 September (Tax Policy Climate)

• Talks from Government officials, including the Minister on Finance on the future direction of tax policy and enforcement
• Global tax policy trends, the future of the tax profession in the face of technology and taxpayer psychology in times of recession

Tuesday 12 September

• International - Cross-Border Corporate Investment (e.g. global assault on tax treaties)
• Small Business - Lifestyle and Entrepreneurial Ventures (e.g. engine for growth versus tax gap)

Wednesday 13 September

• Wealth Preservation and Financial Planning (e.g. pros and cons of different savings products; going offshore – is it worth it?)
• Contending with VAT and Other Indirect Taxes (e.g. VAT pressure on small business)

Thursday 14 September

• Executives and Rank-and-File Employee Compensation (e.g. South Africans working abroad)
• Company Finance and Restructurings (e.g. funding BEE)

Friday 15 September

• Tax Controversy - From Inception Until Resolution (e.g. SARS demands for documents and pay-now-argue later)
• Tax Education - Development and Efficacy (e.g. is tax education providing the skills employers need?)

Amongst other new features, the Tax Indaba has now added “Town Hall” discussions wherein attendees from both the taxpaying community and SARS will raise individual “stories” of repeated concern. These stories include debates on issues, such as “refunds” and the onus of proof required of taxpayers to prove their innocence.

We invite you the press to join the event and report the stories of note to the public at large (limited passes available on request).

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