1177 BC The Year Civilization Collapsed

18 March 2019 Christelle Faul Marais - Lucidum (Pty) Ltd

In the first instalment of our monthly ONE-PAGE BOOK SUMMARY we share important lessons on the topic of risk governance. From an in-depth analysis of the circumstances in which the largest economic players of 4 000 years ago existed, the author makes some very insightful conclusions:

“Generally, the rulers of the core…powers, treat the symptoms rather than the causes of instability…the violent destruction of the Late Bronze…civilizations…was, like many collapses, the inevitable result of limited foresight.” “We should be aware that no society is invulnerable and that every society in the history of the world has ultimately collapsed. We are, in fact, more susceptible than we may wish to think. At the same time, we should be thankful that we are actually advanced enough to understand what is happening and can take steps to fix things, rather than simply passively accept things as they occur.” 

In today’s world where corporate entities have as much (if not more) influence than the national governments of the Late Bronze age, decision-makers have key responsibilities towards their organisations as well as towards the societies in which they exist – we ignore this responsibility at our own peril - Click here to download the PDF.


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