Book announcement - Essentials of Retirement Fund Management

26 July 2019 LexisNexis

An essential resource for trustees of retirement funds, the Essentials of Retirement Fund Management includes commentary and legislation in a concise and informative style that will appeal to all tiers of trustees. Providing practical steps to achieving effective retirement planning, the title is the prescribed text for short courses on retirement funds and a quick reference for principal officers and professionals involved in the administration of retirement funds and other employee benefits.

Originally developed from retirement fund training course material, the comprehensive Essentials of Retirement Fund Management authored by retirement fund training stalwart James Downie Bsc MBA CFP, offers easy reference material, covering all necessary aspects from the duties and responsibilities of trustees to investment performance surveys, financial and investment principles.

Documents and legal principles governing retirement funds, the duties and responsibilities of trustees and the rules controlling funds in a retirement fund are also covered in clear and practical terms. The full text of the Pension Funds Act and regulations forms part of this valuable text, with updates to take place as legislation changes.

In his introduction author James Downie says, “The Southern African market has for too long been suffering from the dearth of easy reference material on the retirement fund industry in its broadest sense. This book is intended to be a reference volume on as many different aspects of the retirement fund industry as were thought pertinent.”

Essentials of Retirement Fund Management is available in Print format (ISBN 978063905621) for R632.50 including VAT and excluding delivery, eBook format (ISBN 9780639005638) for R632.50 including VAT and online format (ISBN 9780639007507) for R652.17 including VAT. To purchase, visit the LexisNexis online bookstore.

About the author:
James Downie (BSc MBA CFP) has been in the retirement fund industry for his entire working life. He has facilitated retirement fund training workshops for over 2500 delegates covering all aspects of retirement funds from basic introductory courses to advanced courses on investments and actuarial matters. Downie was awarded the Fellowship of the Institute of Life and Pension Advisers (FILPA) now called Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has an MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. He has had various roles in the industry, starting as an actuarial student, working as retirement fund consultant, life insurance salesman, administration software consultant, investment performance monitoring specialist, human resources director and managing director of a retirement fund administration subsidiary. He currently consults to institutional clients (trusts and retirement funds) on investments, serves as an independent trustee and chairs a number of retirement funds.

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