CIB 2017 Broker Awards recognise outstanding achievements

07 December 2017Wilhelm von La Chevallerie, CIB
Wilhelm von La Chevallerie, MD at CIB.

Wilhelm von La Chevallerie, MD at CIB.

Each year, short-term insurance underwriting managers CIB (Pty) Ltd pay tribute to their top performing brokers. In keeping with the brand’s passion for creating and nurturing broker partnerships, this year’s gala event expanded to include a new category for Sectional Title Broker of the Year.

According to CIB (Pty) Ltd.’s Managing Director Wilhelm von La Chevallerie, CIB’s business model focuses on building and maintaining outstanding relationships with their brokers. “Our brokers are fundamental to the success of CIB. These awards are designed to reward the hard work and commitment that they show us throughout the year in delivering exemplary service to our mutual clients.”

The awards are open to all CIB brokers and are based on performance and partner value created over the past 12 months. By spreading eligibility over three revenue-based categories, CIB ensures even its smallest brokerages have equal opportunity for recognition. Candidates’ growth and profitability during the year are taken into consideration as well alignment with CIB’s commitment to exemplary service and irreproachable ethical standards. “For us, it is all about doing things better. These awards help encourage this way of thinking,” says von La Chevallerie.

Silver Category

This year’s Silver Category winner was Succession Financial Planning Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd. - Charmaine Louw-Oosthuizen, followed by Hereford Direct (Pty) Ltd. (First Runner Up) and Insureco (Second Runner Up).

Gold Category

Barton Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. won the Gold Category, followed by First Runner Up Catrakilis and Associates CC. FPM Short Term Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd secured the Second Runner Up position.

Diamond Category

Competition was once again fierce in the Diamond Category with PSG Meesterplan winning the Category.

They were followed by Econorisk (Pty) Ltd. (First Runner Up) and Insurisk Financial Consultants SA (Pty) Ltd. (Second Runner Up).

CIB Corporate Broker Award

The equally esteemed CIB Corporate Broker Award is awarded to the top corporate broker that has achieved the best growth, profitability and more importantly, have demonstrated true commitment to the CIB/Broker partnership. PSG Konsult was awarded the 2017 CIB Corporate Broker of Year Award.

They were closely followed by FNB Insurance Brokers (First Runner Up) and Momentum Consult (Pty) Ltd. (Second Runner Up).

The New Broker Award

The New Broker Award recognises a broker that has performed the best for a new brokerage that has joined CIB within the last 12 months. The 2017 award went to Arm Trust Insurance Brokers CC.

CIB/FPA Sectional Title Broker of the Year

And finally, this year’s accolades included another new category, namely the CIB/FPA Sectional Title Broker of the Year. This year’s award went to Addsure.

“We work in a tough industry, and 2017 has been challenging,” says von La Chevallerie. “But we also have some of the most incredible and dedicated brokers. It’s important to us that we take the time to acknowledge the contribution our brokers make to our business. They truly are our frontline - the relationship builders and facilitators. They not only help live the CIB brand, but they raise the bar for the industry as a whole. We are immensely proud of what they have achieved this year. Congratulations to all!”

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