PSG Insure Meesterplan shines for a second time as Diamond Broker of the Year at CIB Awards

16 November 2018PSG Insure Meesterplan

For the second year running, PSG Insure Meesterplan has taken top prize as Diamond Broker of the Year at the annual CIB Broker Awards.

“It’s an honour to be recognised among CIB’s top-performing brokers,” says Rikus Visser, CEO of PSG Insure. “Receiving this award for a consecutive year is testament to the continuously hardworking force behind our network of short-term insurance advisers.”

The award underscores consistent quality in providing advice and service, which are key components of the PSG client proposition. Reon Wiese from PSG Insure Meesterplan attended the event to accept the award on the office’s behalf. “I’m pleased to celebrate our successful partnerships within the insurance community – which ultimately contributes to our delivery to clients. This award is a great way to conclude another productive year,” he comments.


Reon Wiese from PSG Insure Meesterplan (second from left) accepting the office’s award from CIB.

From left to right are Jonjon Smit (Executive Head of Sales and Marketing), Steven Munro (Chief Financial Officer) and Candice Boshoff (Marketing Assistant). 


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