VESA elects new board of directors

02 May 2007 Vesa

The Vehicle Security Association (VESA) has made sweeping changes to its board, electing a near-new team at its annual general meeting in Kempton Park.

The new directors appointed are:

* Colin Snyman, as chairman, and representing the Electronics Committee;
* Roger Rouessart, Johan Jordaan and Jay Singh, representing the Installer Committee;
* Alistair McGregor, representing the Mechanical Committee;
* Ben van Rooyen, representing the Telematics Committee; and
* Len Botha as an independent director

Snyman comments: "The future of VESA lies with the insurance industry.  Accordingly, prime objectives of our new board are to engage with insurance companies; to further our involvement and interaction with them; and to increase the credibility and value of a "VESA Approved" certificate.

VESA is a Section 21 company that serves as regulator relating to the manufacture and installation of vehicle security products. This implies the regulation of the vehicle security industry on behalf of vehicle owners, the automotive industry and the insurance industry in general.

The activities in VESA are managed by sub-committees  categorised according to the specific discipline each serves.

VESA was established in 1987 and has a nationwide membership of over 500 members made up of manufacturers and installers. The certification and approval of mechanical gearlocks, electronic immobilisers and telematic systems are conducted at VESA via the Accreditation Bureau for Security and
Safety; products that pass these stringent tests are branded as "ABS Approved".

If such an ABS Approved product is then installed by an approved installation member of VESA, a "VESA-Approved" certificate is issued.

This VESA certificate is a critical requirement for a vehicle owner in order to obtain insurance coverage on a vehicle.


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