Praesidio Risk Managers appoints Jackie Miranda

11 April 2009 Praesidio Risk Managers
Jackie Miranda has been appointed Business Development Manager for Praesidio Risk Managers

Jackie Miranda has been appointed Business Development Manager for Praesidio Risk Managers

Jackie Miranda (pictured) has been appointed Business Development Manager for Praesidio Risk Managers, and brings a wealth of experience to her new position. Withmore than a decadeof experience in client relations, Jackiehas thespecialised skills necessaryto present Praesidio's products to the marketand increasethe company'svisibility on a national basis.

Jackie previously worked at Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC). She joinedthe companyin August 1998,andmarketed the TIC retail product to travel agents as well as brokers.Her job profileinvolved building client relationships,and training and doing regular presentationson all the TIC products.Jackiethenprogressed intoTIC's Business Developmentdepartment whereshe focused on marketing TIC's corporate policy to the brokers’ market.

Bronwen de Kock, Praesidio's Managing Director says, "We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Jackie to Praesidio. Jackie is well known to the South African broking market, in her previous capacity as a Sales Consultant andBusiness Development Officer for TIC and we look forward to having her on board. Jackie will be focusing on presenting our product to all brokers, as well asreaffirming our relationships with existing brokers withher typically warm andengaging personal manner. Jackie will alsobe actively involved in sourcing new brokers andwe hope all our clients will approachher with any queries or questions they might have about our highly specialised and niche Personal Accident, Medical and Health related products."

Praesidio Risk Managers was established in 2001, and are based in the premises of TIC who are one of the Shareholders.Bronwen says, “We understand the need for financial assistance when an accident occurs, whether it is to provide the employer with funds for a replacement, or to indemnify the entrepreneur to guarantee his income, and we’re focused on offering our clients the specialist knowledge of a single product company. The majority of our portfolio is comprised of South African organisations from a diverse range of industries on a national basis, and extends into Namibia and Africa.”

Core benefits include Accidental Death, Disability, Medical Expenses, Critical Illness and loss of Income, and programmes are designed to suit the needs of the client. Our International or Expatriate clients enjoy Medical Expenses, Kidnap and Ransom and Political Evacuation cover. The core benefits are offered to Professional Sportsmen such as Golfers, Surfers, Rugby Players, and many other professions.

Bronwen has worked in insurance for 18 years, and she enjoys the challenge of heading up her own insurance company. She says, “We try and do things a little bit differently, and package products to suit our clients. We’ve also got very high limits in comparison to some of our competitors, and we look at all risks.

“I want Praesidio to have the reputation as being one of the best, which is facilitated by the fact that I have very good staff. We’re a small company but we’re very efficient, and I am delighted to have someone withJackie'sextensiveexperiencein insurancemarketing Praesidio's products.”

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