More on Bruce and Rex

23 February 2006 Angelo Coppola

Herewith some background on Bruce Hemphill and Rex Tomlinson

More on Bruce Hemphill

Qualifications: BA (CPE) and Solicitor of England and Wales

Bruce Hemphill (42 years old) was born in Durban and educated at Hilton College. On matriculation he left for the UK and a year at Haileybury, where he obtained three 'A' level GCEs. Back in South Africa, he studied law and politics at UCT, but then left for England and post-graduate studies.

He qualified as a solicitor in London after serving articleswith Farrerand Co. Hemphill then practised law in Hong Kong before returning to SA and a spot on Anglo American's trainee management programme, from which he was recruited by SMB.

He joined Standard MerchantBank's Corporate Finance Division in 1993.

At SCMB, Bruce first came to prominence running Mergers & Acquisitions and was later named joint-head of Corporate Finance. By 1998 he was joint head of Investment Banking. Two years later he was made MD of SCMB's global and local stock-broking business. He closed the London, New York and Cape Town offices and created a streamlined wholesale and retail business.

By 2002 he was Deputy MD at the Commercial Bank where he oversaw further rationalisation. Then, as a director of SCMB, he was given the job of launching a new deal-making operation.

Bruce was appointed STANLIB CEO and a member of the Liberty Life Group Executive in February 2004. He currently also has responsibility for Liberty Properties.

More on Rex Tomlinson

Rex Tomlinson (43years old)was born in Durban and educated at Durban High School. He obtained his Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of South Africa and post-graduate degree in Human Resources from the Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Witwatersrand. He spent time in the United States of America where he attended the Stanford Executive Programme at the Graduate School of Business, University of Stanford.

Rex started his career in Human Resources in the then Barlow Rand Group in 1987. He was appointed to the Illovo Sugar Limited Board in 1994, transferring to Nampak Limited where he served as an executive director until leaving in September 2004. During his time at Nampak his portfolio included both group roles such as CIO, Leadership & Strategy and line roles where he was Divisional CEO of numerous Nampak divisions. His final responsibility was the creation of Nampaks IT business NamITech which was disposed of to the Altech Group in 2003.

Since joining Liberty Life as member of the Groups Executive in September 2004, Rex has had a number of responsibilities including Human Resources, Information Technology, Liberty Properties and Corporate Benefits. He is currently Deputy Chief Executive Officer responsible for Marketing and Distribution.

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