Three attributes to make 2012 easier

01 February 2012 Esmè Davies, Celestis

Everyone has a view on what the New Year holds. Following on the heels of two very tough years there’s little doubt 2012 will prove challenging. The right outlook will empower your practice to meet every challenge head on.

A positive attitude will have a marked impact on your life experiences. If you adopt the following three attributes you’ll be in the right frame of mind to ensure the coming year is among the best ever.

A determined approach

The first of these is determination. Determination is about running in the rain! Dragging yourself from a warm bed and heading out when it’s cold and miserable shows real determination – and that’s an attribute you’ll need this year.

Don’t scoff at this notion. There are hundreds of financial services professionals that have underachieved in recent years due to lack of trying. I’m not talking about outright failure but rather of missing goals and objectives – or even worse – failing to live up to your full potential.

Remember: your goals are not as important as you determination to achieve them. By showing an unwavering determination to achieve your stated objectives, regardless of the hurdles and barriers along the way, you’ll emerge among the winners, way ahead of the pack!

Determination is nothing without today’s second attribute – discipline. This year you should remind yourself that you are in control of your outcomes, whether at work or home. You are the boss. You get to set the rules and regulations required to create an environment to deliver on your various goals.

Discipline rules

In the first place – and this is the tricky part – you need to set these rules. Begin the year by deciding the disciplines that you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently. Start with the standards of services you hope to achieve. What do you expect of yourself and your staff? Consider productivity and profitability, for example.

Once you’ve decided on the rules of the game you must get buy-in from your staff. Together, you can use the structure you’re creating to achieve what is required. Discipline is not a constraint but a way of ensuring that everyone does what’s best for the business.

Happiness is a choice

Your attitude is essential when dealing with challenges, both expected and unexpected. There is every indication that global economies – and stock markets – will take time to return to the highs we remember so fondly. There is nothing that you can do about the situation so you need to work and live within it.

There are people who struggle to perform outside of their comfort zones and others who continue smiling no matter where they find themselves. But it’s not circumstance that makes you happy. It’s you. You need to make the choice to be happy and then go about doing the things that will make the mood permanent.

Three magic words

Life is never plain sailing. You are bound to experience a few "down” days and encounter glum people along the way. Just remember these obstacles are temporary. Instead of sinking into despair take a walk and smile at everyone you encounter. Some might think you’ve lost it, but I’m betting everyone will smile back at you.

And remember, none of the three attributes I’ve shared with you work in half measures. Get serious about your determination, your discipline and your happiness, and you will enjoy a great 2012.


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