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01 November 2008 FAnews

In today's economic climate, it is harder than ever to make a sale, particularly when insurance, even in the good times, is considered a grudge purchase. Here are six tips to help you close the deal.

Many consumers are struggling to make ends meet in these tough economic conditions. However, they still need insurance, and, perhaps now more than ever, they need a broker to ensure that they have the right cover at the best possible premium.

Following these six tips will help brokers to close the deal and make the sale in this tough market, and indeed, in any market!

1. Look and act the part

As an intermediary, you represent financial security. Make sure you look and act the part. Dress appropriately, always be on time, keep the promises you make to the client and make sure you know your industry and your product. The image you portray as someone who is confident, prepared, knowledgeable and efficient will inspire trust and respect in your client.

2. Understand your client

How well do you understand your prospective new client? You need to spend time asking the right questions about the client's current position, the needs and requirements they perceive themselves to have, and their future plans and aspirations. Make an effort to really understand how you can help your client.

3. Add real value

The role of the broker is really to provide solutions. Your client does not really understand what he or she needs, much less what options are available in the market and what the implications are of choosing one option over another. It is your job as the broker to translate your thorough understanding of the client's needs into relevant information and suitable solutions.

4. Sell benefits, not product features

Selling benefits means translating the features of the product into a tangible benefit for the client. If the policy includes car hire, that is not a benefit. The benefit is that the insurance policy will provide peace of mind and mobility so your client will not be stuck without transport when the vehicle is being repaired or was stolen.

5. Only sell what you believe in

No matter how badly you need to make the sale, never sell a client a policy that is not suited to his or her needs. If you believe in the solution you have packaged for your client, you will be able to convey your confidence to your client and will be able to clearly demonstrate how the policy meets their particular needs.

6. Give every client the best advice and service

A satisfied client will not only buy from you again when their needs change, but will refer others to you. Never miss an opportunity to make a good impression, to go the extra mile and to offer the very best advice and service you are capable of.

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