How to gain and retain customers: Integrated wellbeing initiatives differentiate broker and insurer offerings in a competitive market

01 November 2012 Johnny Koortzen, Access Health South Africa

Wellbeing and social sustainability are an integral part of both business development and growth strategies. To stimulate growth your client acquisition and retention, strategies must provide value-added solutions to address the changing needs of modern organisations.

Healthi Choices is the ideal wellbeing solution business partner. Our tailor-made wellbeing initiatives, backed by extensive experience and infrastructure, could be the differentiator that promotes and transforms your client offering.

Reasons why Healthcare healthcare funders and employer groups invest in Healthi Choices’ preventative healthcare and wellbeing initiatives include:
• Healthy people claim less, are absent from work less frequently and cause fewer accidents;
• Healthy people have a higher morale, are more engaged in their life and work and are generally more productive; and
• Healthy people are part of Africa’s social sustainability – they understand that they have a shared responsibility that forms the basis for sustainable commercial activity.

One stop wellbeing solutions

This is why Healthi Choices provides one-stop, specialised, comprehensive and integrated wellbeing solutions that:

• Optimise the existing spend between stakeholders such as healthcare funders and employers by developing joint programmes.

• Facilitate the desired behaviour change of members and employees with regards health and wellbeing, through preventative screenings; behavioural health initiatives (financial, legal, social and psychological); medical care and incentive programmes.

• Integrate into workplace initiatives for maximum impact and benefit.

• Reduce costs. There are a number of features that distinguish us from our competitors. We are registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders, which allows us to directly serve medical scheme members within their its employee wellness programmes. This ensures efficient service delivery without duplicating services and costs.

• Develop shared and integrated wellbeing information and reporting systems. Clients receive meaningful feedback through data integration, analysis and reporting. This invaluable information supports organisational decision-making and good risk and performance management. On a beneficiary level, it impacts on individual health decisions.

• Incentivise full participation in programmes by all registered users and client employees, to encourage a broad-based wellness culture.

Results-driven partnerships

Our offering goes way beyond service provision. Unlike most wellbeing solution providers, we form meaningful business partnerships with our clients. We understand and recognise that wellbeing programmes are not just about keeping staff well, but also form part of a company’s growth strategy.

What this means for you

Healthi Choices empowers health consultants. It enables you to manage your clients more efficiently, secure in the knowledge that the implementation, administration and management functions are being taken care of.

Make our wellness initiatives and business partnerships a valuable part of your service and product offering. Our scalable service infrastructure and capabilities mean that we are open to enquiries from brokerage firms both large and small.

Why choose Healthi Choices

Healthi Choices is a partnership between global assistance company, Europ Assistance Worldwide Services (South Africa), and The Business For Wellness, a wellbeing consulting and management company. Both companies have a track record of more than 20 years in the industry.

We tapped in to a wealth of experience and expertise to develop and implement an innovative, integrated approach to wellbeing. Our business partnership is unique and allows your clients to participate on a deeper level in the tailor-made design and implementation of athe wellness solution. Our contribution towards the client’s business, performance, risk management objectives and their social sustainability goals is also meaningful.

We service some of the country’s largest corporates and have been accredited by their risk management departments to assure security of data and systems. We also boast one of the largest wellbeing infrastructures in the African wellbeing industry.

Locally, our successful product is underpinned by call centres that are staffed with multi-disciplinary professionals – with multilingual employees providing assistance in any one of the 11 official South African languages.

As an African company, we take an Afro-centric approach to wellness solutions and we have the resources and capabilities to deliver customised wellbeing programmes in 22 countries across Africa. Our programmes take into account the unique African context in which your client and their employees work and live, while benchmarking against international best practice.

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