New stand-alone motor insurance

03 August 2015 Coenraad de Jager, Mutual & Federal

Cars are not just a means of transport to get from A to B. For most of us it is an extension of our characters and identities. More than anything however, cars represent one of the largest purchases individuals make and it is therefore important that we insure these purchases thoroughly.

Mutual & Federal has launched a new stand-alone motor policy to align with the needs of consumers who require cover for only their vehicles. The new product, called motorsure, is designed to protect customers’ motor vehicles against accidents, fire, theft and liability.

The key elements brokers and advisers can take out of this product in order to sell it effectively to customers is that there are built-in benefits, value-added benefits and an easy claims process.

Why choose motorsure?

motorsure not only provides the customer with the security he or she expects from an insurance policy, but it also gives the customer exceptional value for money. The offering is flexible in that it allows customers to insure the motor alone and do not need any supporting cover for example household contents/homeowners insurance.

With motorsure, customers will enjoy:

Comprehensive cover – motorsure covers vehicles against loss or damage caused by accidents, fire and theft and protects customers against claims by third parties when they are liable for their damage;
Stand-alone cover – customers do not have to insure any other assets to take out a motorsure policy. Please note that motorcycles, caravans and trailers cannot be insured under a motorsure policy and that these must be covered as an allsure supported policy; and
Competitive rates - backed by exceptional claims service and support.

There are also a range of built-in benefits included with the motorsure policy. If your customer damages their vehicle in an accident, the towing cost is covered.

If your customer is robbed, held-up or hijacked the policy covers trauma counselling. If loss of or damage to your customer’s vehicle keys, locks or remote controls occur, the replacement is covered. Optional car hire cover is also available for up to 30, 60 or 90 days at an additional premium and credit shortfall cover is also available as an option.

Value-added benefits

The motorsure policy automatically comes with these exceptional value-added services:

Swiftcare - Which offers policyholders prompt action. In an emergency at home or on the road, one call will get the customer the help he or she needs. Swiftcare is available to motorsure policyholders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in South Africa, and on a telephonic basis in neighbouring countries;
Swift Accident Management Solutions– Provides fast and efficient towing assistance to the closest Mutual & Federal-approved towing centre, if the customer’s insured vehicle is involved in a car accident.

Easy claims process

To make the processing of claims as quickly as possible, the motorsure policy includes a flat excess structure so your customer always knows what his or her excess will be, without unpleasant surprises when he or she claims. There is no waiting period if your customer’s vehicle is stolen; therefore the claim is processed immediately. And lastly, to provide a quick and easy way for drivable vehicles involved in accidents to be authorised for repairs, there are multi-purpose centres around the country.

Brokers and advisers who have sold this product have provided positive feedback about the product and competitive pricing. By offering this product to customers, we will enable them to enjoy real value for money and a range of value-added benefits.

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