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The Liberty Female Living Lifestyle benefit - a financial cushion for serious pregnancy and birth-related complications

24 August 2023 Liberty

Liberty has long been a leader in creating specialised cover for South Africans and this Women's Month the insurer celebrates the success of its unique benefit designed to protect women's lives.

The Female Living Lifestyle Benefit recognizes that women have unique health challenges, in particular around matters related to pregnancy, and the health of their children directly after birth.

The birth of a child is always a time of extraordinary happiness for a family - but worries about the condition of both the mother and child, despite the best medical care, can be a real concern. According to Wits University every day, more than 800 women around the world die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, up to 42 days after delivery.

Also, with women having children later in life, often due to work pressures or by choice, many additional complications may appear during pregnancy. According to a 2022 report by the US National Institutes of Health, when a woman is older, and pregnant, it increases the likelihood of experiencing health problems, from being pregnant or giving birth. These can include heart disease, infection, bleeding, high blood pressure, and blood clots.

This female orientated benefit provides an extensive range of much needed assistance should the unexpected happen.

"Our Female Living Lifestyle benefit helps to protect against the financial impact associated with serious birth-related and pregnancy complications, and also covers major congenital birth defects. The chances of these complications happening are fortunately very small, but having protection ensures unexpected conditions can be managed without additional worry about the cost of the care you may need in these circumstances," says Kresantha Pillay, Chief Specialist for Risk Products, Lifestyle Protector at Liberty.

Pillay adds that women lead busy lives, but cautions that they should also prioritize financial solutions to guard against any eventualities. This is possible by working with an accredited Financial Adviser to guide them towards the right financial plans, suited to their needs.

"This benefit was designed to take some of the worry out of what is a time of joy in the lives of women and families. Building a strong family with a bright future for all involved should be a given, and this solution is designed to be there should anything happen."

The Female Living Lifestyle benefit is part of Liberty's flagship Lifestyle Protector suite of cover.

Liberty's Lifestyle Protector, which celebrates being around for 20 years this month, has covered the lives of more than 994 000 clients. It provides comprehensive and adaptable cover for every possible risk requirement.

"Since its inception two decades ago, Liberty has paid out claims in excess of R46 billion, making sure that our promise of being there for our clients when they need us the most is always kept."

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