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At last - a trust for the middle market

20 August 2019 Fairheads



At last - a trust for the middle market

Your client needs a trust, right?
Imagine a situation where there is:


  • No need to register a trust deed
  • Access to funds from day one
  • No need to appoint trustees
  • A simple process in place
  • Transparency on costs
  • Peace of mind that funds are safely invested with best of breed investment managers.


You need look no further than the Fairheads Legacy Trust which does all the above – and more.


The Legacy Trust has been structured as a cost-effective, professionally administered umbrella trust to safeguard assets on behalf of beneficiaries. The product is based on Fairheads' experience in trusteeship for over 90 years as well as our superior administration as Southern Africa's leading independent benefits administrator.


The Legacy Trust can accept assets from:


  • Deceased estates
  • Inter vivos trusts
  • Testamentary bequests
  • Road Accident Fund (RAF)
  • Medical malpractice payments
  • Life insurance payments
  • Disability policies
  • Retirement funds
  • Private trusts
  • Discretionary savings for education or any other purpose

There are many other uses. Speak to us now!


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